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Sitepoint Watch – Buying and Selling Websites Easily

Posted · Category: Tools

Sitepoint Marketplace is an indispensable website trading point for people who are involved in buying and selling of websites. Sitepoint Watch enhanced website flipping in a more presentable effortless way. You can have all the newest and ending soon auctions of Sitepoint at a glance. Furthermore, you need not refresh the page to update the newest information. It is a handy website flipping tool for people who would like to monitor website auctions closely. It helps them buying and selling websites easily.


Source: http://www.sitepointwatch.com/

  • This is an awesome tool for domain buying. It’s better that tdnam which only shows godaddy domains. Thanks for the tool.

  • Yes, it is. And you get some nice bargains too. I bought a couple of nice domain names for under $200.

  • Holy, crap! What an amazing resource this is! This is why this website [WebAppers] should be a part of any designer/developers’ resources.

    Great work as always!

  • Agreed Justin!

  • Nice tool … a lot of expensive sites though. For cheaper sites I go over to digitalpoint instead.

  • Todd

    Need the sitepoint tool but its GONE?

    Can u help i need it bad..

    Looks like sitepoint.com took over the URL..

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