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Flash iTunes Cover Flow

Posted · Category: Gallery, License Free

Thank you Patrick for bring this wonderful web resources to my attention. Do you love Apple? Do you Love iTunes? Do you Love looking at all your albums in your iTunes in a sense of accomplishment. Now you can do it in Flash. iTunesAlbumArt allows us to display the albums we love or just our photo albums with the interface of iTunes Cover Flow. iTunesAlbumArt looks stunning and works smoothly. Users can scroll or click to select the album. All the album pictures and details are defined by an XML file.


Requirements: Modern Browsers with Flash installed
Demo: http://www.weberdesignlabs.com/blog_files/itunes2/iTunesAlbumArt.html
License: MIT License

  • I was hoping it was ajax or something, now that would be impressive. I don’t really like using Flash. Very cool though.

  • Muser

    I’ve found this made with ajax GWT:


    Isn’t so cool, but supports “back button” navigation

  • blog.nerbles.com

    Very cool.
    I am a javascript hack that has been interested in flash for some time.

  • explode

    the link doesn’t work?

  • tigger

    The URL was working last week- I think Weber Designs is having some issues with his site

  • Simon

    Has anybody figured a way to make the Album arts Clickable?? This would make the file worth a few thousand beers to anybody who managed it…

  • simi

    this is great, all its missing is the ability to click the images for a larger preview of the images in a new window… has anybody managed to achieve this yet?

  • kaoruwada

    May i use your Flash iTunes Cover Flow?
    Of course, i will modify and edit it.
    i just wanna make sure using it for a business.

  • Nishikesh

    How would i play video or flv file once i click on icon do u have any example on once i click on any icon it play the video and there is a close button which close the video and it return back to the same one


  • Roo

    I want to use this cover flow for my photo gallery section of my flash site that I am currently building but can’t figure out how to bring all the code in on a flash layer page. Can you help me with this???

    Thank you :)

  • Matt

    Does anyone know if/how this can be used to open up the to open up using lightbox?

    This is brilliant, I use it loads and love it – well done!!!

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