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Shadowbox Cross-Platform Fully-Documented Media Viewer

Posted · Category: Gallery, LGPL License, Popup

Shadowbox is a cross-browser (supports Firefox 1.5+, Camino, Safari 2+, Opera 9+ and Internet Explorer 6+), cross-platform, cleanly-coded and fully-documented media viewer application written entirely in JavaScript. In other words, it is similar to lightbox but focusing on displaying different media formats, e.g. Flash, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player.

It’s easy to use Shadowbox with your JavaScript library of choice for a given project as well. Shadowbox comes bundled with adapters for Yahoo! User Interface Library, Ext (standalone), Prototype + Scriptaculous and jQuery. Using Shadowbox, website authors can display pictures and movies in all major browsers without navigating away from the linking page.


Requirements: Firefox 1.5+, Camino, Safari 2+, Opera 9+ and IE 6+
Demo: http://mjijackson.com/shadowbox
License: LGPL License

  • Otherwise interesting project, but there are some things that made me think twice before using it:

    – Requires QuickTime plugin. Especially when developing websites for general public it’s something people are really going to complain about.. :)
    – “QuickTime browser plugin to view this content.” id=”shadowbox_content”>” is probably one of the worst error messages I’ve ever seen. Looks like a bug though, so I would expect a fix soon(ish).
    – LGPL is fine, but why did they choose default FLV player that’s under a non-commercial license? I don’t like that, and I bet many others don’t either.

    Let’s just say that even though I’ve been looking for something like this, I’m not sure yet that this is it :)

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  • Si

    Wow, this is one of the most complete javascript ‘lightbox style’ add-ons i’ve seen.

    Has anyone compared this to multi-box?

  • rifeman2007


    I tried using shadowbox 2.0 and there’s a problem in IE6 when trying to embed video. Is there any fixed with this?

    Any help would greatly appreciated.


  • rifeman2007

    BTW, embedding youtube video…

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