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Open Source Job Board for Commercial Applications

Posted · Category: eCommerce, MIT License

jobberBase is an open source job board software extracted from the successful Romanian IT job board jobber.ro. The design of jobberBase is very clean, simple and easy to use. It has some popular features of modern job boards which includes Post jobs without an account, Search for jobs, Apply to jobs, RSS feeds of latest jobs and Site-widget which can be places on other websites for displaying current jobs.

Most importantly, You can use jobberBase free of charge, for anything you like (including commercial applications). You only need to keep the copyright and license remarks. Do you think WebAppers needs a job board like this? So that Web Designers and Web Developers can get freelance jobs here or collaborate together?


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.jobberbase.com/
License: MIT License

  • Thanks Ray, I’ll be testing this out on my localhost, and maybe writing a custom skin for it too. If you come across any other open source job board CMS’s, please be sure to notify your every-growing subscriber base!

    Job boards are a strong source of revenue for many media properties, so I see know reason why WebAppers shouldn’t include one to support it’s own professional niche.

  • Andrew

    This looks great – thanks Ray. It’s ideal timing for a niche job site I am thinking of. I was about to buy a pay-for jobsite script, but will evaluate this one too.

  • Good software. Would it extract programming jobs from other job boards ? Like a meta job board

  • Thanks for the review, Ray!

    @Web Developer, in its current state, jobberBase doesn’t extract jobs from other sites. But you can certainly add this functionality :D.

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  • This is a great piece of software. Really well built and makes a great addition to niche websites.

  • This looks fantastic.. damnit! it requires php5+.. time to seriously think about upgrading.

  • Very Nice Software to try

    thank Ray

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  • Leland Clemmons

    Wow. You’re everywhere on the internet, Ray! BTW, I think that there are so many job listings out there, even specialized ones, just for webdesigners and such, that creating one on WebAppers would just be kicking a dead horse. While it might be something, it would probably just get lost in the other ones.

  • yes i do, certainly. the individual readers of this site have a better grasp on various aspects of all of the amazing knowledge you’ve provided. either way, if everyone is passionate about their work, amazing things may be accomplished. however, i am concerned about the legal aspect of securing intellectual property in a commercial market where commercial projects are posted for anyone to browse. seems like an interesting idea, though.

  • Thanks, gonna try it out.

  • TokyoJ

    Does anyone know a developer who has or can further develop Jobberbase? I’m interested in setting up a pay/post system based on its code but my PHP skills aren’t good enough. A simple set of options like below, which I can set from the Admin Control Panel, and the user can select when wanting to post jobs.

    10 posts = $10
    5 posts = $5
    1 post = $1

    Any recommendations?
    (I contacted Simbyo.com who is recommened on the Jobberbase site but haven’t heard from them)

  • @Tokyo J – I won’t be able to help you with the customisation of Jobberbase, but I’d love to know how you get on with it. I was looking at making some more significant modifications, but it’s looking like I might be better-off starting from scratch!

    If anyone does get round to using Jobberbase or customising it in some way, please leave a comment here – I’d love to see what you’ve done with the CMS.

  • @Neil,

    You should check out jobberbase.com/community/. Lots of solved issues, there.

    By the way, one of my favourite implementation of jobberBase is http://www.castingsonline.com.ar/ :).

  • TokyoJ

    Certainly will let you and your followers in on the results.
    I posted the project on Elance and Scriptlange, but the bids so far are not encouraging. Someone out there can do it for a reasonable price.

    Yep…saw the castingonline.com site. Good looking example.

    BTW….anyone have screen shots of the Jobberbase Admin Control Panel?


  • Thanks Filip – I’m sure I tried to join the community, but I wasn’t given a login (unless I’m thinking of the wrong community!).

    TokyoJ – I don’t think there is an admin panel, is there?!

  • TokyoJ

    The community is http://www.jobberbase.com and you’re not alone. I waited several days for my login to be approved…but nothing materialized…strange…

  • Neil and TokyoJ, the subscription system is automatic, so when you register you should immediately get a user. That didn’t work for you?

  • TokyoJ

    Nope. It’s not automatic: On the sign-up page it says…

    “This membership application form does not grant immediate access to the site. All membership applications are reviewed by an administrator before acceptance. You are not guaranteed access to the application by filling out this form. etc…”

    For a forum on an open-source product…they sure seem to be missing the boat on the term ‘open’….Oh well…

  • Well, I just tested it myself, again and it’s automatic.

    Indeed, the message in the register page isn’t very friendly and I need to change it. But that’s only because the default setting in Vanilla forum is like that (admin approves new accounts).

    Please try again, or if you can’t, mail me at hello [at] jobberbase.com with the email you wish to register.

  • TokyoJ

    OK…now I know I’m losin’ it. Tried again and logged in automatically. Filip…I don’t know what you did but the Gods must like you. All is well now. I’ll post the module development results once (if) they get done.
    Cheers to y’all

  • I did absolutely nothing, but I suspect it’s an issue with Vanilla.
    Sorry for the trouble :)

  • PixelnBit

    i have gone through the source code of , jobber base , its quite simple and i am confident to do any kind of customization required in the script. do contact me for any quries

  • There is now JobberBase Pro. You can purchase it for $199/site. Filip added Payment integration, employer, and resume management.


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