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Facebook List TextboxList with AutoCompletion

Posted · Category: Forms, License Free

Would you like to include an input that resembles the famous Apple Mail to: textfield? It would be something similar to Facebook List Input. Basically, it’s a group of pieces or bits, that can be either a box or an input. The user is able to move around between the bits by using his keyboard or his mouse. You can remove the bits by click the “x” symbol.


It has a auto complete feature as well. It works by caching all the results from a JSON Request and feeding them to the autocompleter object. When a item is added as a box, it’ removed from the feed array, and when the box is disposed it’s added back, so that it becomes available in the list when the user types. You’ll also be able to let it add boxes from the HTML directly. If you are interested in this amazing textboxlist, you can view the full article.

Requirements: Mootools 1.2+
Demo: http://devthought.com/wp-content/articles/autocompletelist/test.html
License: License Free

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