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SimpleViewer – Free Flash Viewing Application

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SimpleViewer is a free, customizable Flash image viewing application with the following features. However, if you want more customization options and does not include the download link, you have to purchase SimpleViewer-Pro instead.

  • Intelligent image pre-loading.
  • Intuitive image navigation
  • Lightweight (17k).
  • Customizable interface – Set text color, frame color and width, navigation position.
  • Resizable interface – Interface scales to fit browser window.
  • Cross platform – Windows/Macintosh/Linux (requires Flash 7 or higher).
  • Flash 7 detection. Users without Flash 7 are messaged to upgrade Flash.
  • International font support.
  • Keyboard Navigation (Cursor keys, Home, End, Page Up/Down)
  • Mousewheel navigation
  • Optionally right-click to open image in a new window.


Requirements: Flash 7+
Demo: http://www.airtightinteractive.com/simpleviewer/
License: License Free

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