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PrestaShop Web2.0 Open Source Shopping Cart

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PrestaShop is another robust, professional-grade e-Commerce solution that you can download, install, and use for free. On the back end, you’ll use a full-featured back-office application to manage your online business (including inventory, orders, shipping, and customers) in real-time. Your customer’s payments are sent directly to your commerical bank account using the latest security technology.

However, PrestaShop v0.9.1 has been released as a beta version; no known bugs remain but testing is not yet complete. Your feedback will be appreciated.

Requirements: Apache, PHP 5.0+, MySQL 5.0+
Demo: http://www.prestashop.com
License: Open Source License

  • My server doesn’t meet the requirements.. :(

  • Snipeseye

    How would you compare PrestaShop with Magento?

  • No demo?

    My initial impression is that Magento is quite a bit further ahead then PrestaShop. Although without a demo it’s hard to tell..

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  • Thanks for the nod, Ray!

    Just FYI, there is now a demo version of PrestaShop live on our Website:


    We’re busy getting ready for our first official 1.0 release, which isn’t far off.

    Until then, our current version, 0.9.5, is already easy to install and runs very fast thanks to its light footprint (2.1 MB). And it’s as free as they come — you don’t even have to register to download it.

    If you have any questions or problems, be sure to give us a shout on our forum. :)

  • Colin

    thx for listening Peter, will check out the demo!

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  • dev

    I havent tried magento yet, but judging from the forums, its still difficult to install and the demo on the website loads quite slow. Presta on the other hand is easier to install.

  • I think that Magento is not ready for production use, very slow, has many bugs and have no good documentation

  • How is this different from all other popular ecommerce tools like oscommerce?

  • Hi all,

    FYI, we’ve just made a release candidate (RC) available for PrestaShop v1.0.

    Lots of new features have been implemented since this thread was started 3 months ago, including a snappy new default storefront design.

    Catch a sneak preview of v1.0 here:


  • I have installed magento and prestashop. On shared hosting is magento useless because its too slow. First page displaied after seven seconds or more.

    Prestoshop runs fine and on shared hosting is agile. I like its module system, the construction is good for SEO and its source code is easily editable :) etc etc. And the translation system is great :)

    Nice work!

  • PrestaShop is now stable and production-ready with its version 1.0, with version 1.1 already just a week or two away.

    To keep track of which new features, large and small, will be included in v1.1 and beyond, check out the Feature List section of our new Bug Tracker:


  • Presta shop is a real alternative to Magentocommerce. Particularly for small and medium-sized businesses, it is very interesting because it’s easier to learn and use.

  • gerardo

    Prestashop rules!

  • I also like prestashop, actually just made my first web shop. You can see it here: http://www.sloncek.si
    What can i say about presta: its easy to set up, its easy to fill with data, it still has a little bugs but not cruicable…
    Overall, im very thankfull to team of presta, great job :)

  • Can someone tell me where i can find the source code for my website? I can’t seem to find it in my files

  • Joyce

    what website can i download prestashop hotel templates for free?..

  • Hi..I’m wondering how you get the featured products to look like that on http://www.sloncek.si/

    Please do let me know how to do this…I thought it would look great on my site: http://www.worldofgiftbaskets.com

    Is this a module??

    Thanks for any help.


  • Prestashop does rule…I tried learning the Magneto…I mean Magento templating, and it was terrible in my opinion…but maybe Im not that bright, however, when working in the backend of Prestashop, I found myself laughing and having a good time discovering all the little things hidden inside of it. That stats pages alone is really worth taking a look at. Plus adding new products is great. And the SEO for products works really well too…Prestashop will crush the evil Magneto because 1) Small businesses cant run Magento without specific criteria, 2) Designers wont like using and templating for it 3) Presta is International. And in case anyone hasn’t noticed…the world is becoming more globalized, so language packs will definitely be the standard of selling online to the world.

  • IgeneOFjenny

    i was skeptical about prestashop at first. but after a while using it and a little “touchy-touchy” at the backend. i found out it was well worth exploring and it turn out to be easy to use. module is great and i’m waiting for the new “coming soon” section on modules at the prestashop site.curently the only thing lack is maybe the templates for ver 1.1 . hard to find a not just a color editing template but a cool css edition and of course free one! :) somehow old template v1.0 seem to be not working with the v1.1 ajax version. what a waste of time for v1.0 template maker.

    Correct me if i’m wrong. TQ.

  • Stephane


    I like the icon set of prestashop. Is it an icon set made specifically for prestashop or is it another one the prestashop people are using ?

    In that latter case, is it possible to use some of these images on our websites other than prestashop ?


  • We are just in the process of switching to Presta. It’s a beautiful piece of kit. Easy to use, install and adapt.

    Cant wait to see how this software grows.

  • Joe Fontana (Portland)


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