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Interactive Thumbnail Based Photo Gallery in a Grid Layout

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GridNavigation is another great flash component for web developers. It is a thumbnail based navigational system or a portfolio / photo gallery in a grid or pyramid like layout. You can customize the layout postion to top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right. The number of columns and rows can be set easily as well.


As you can see, GridNavigation consists of many thumbnails, they can be external images, animated SWFs or movie clips which can be defined or added through an external XML file, Component Inspector or ActionScript. The thumbnail content is clickable and zooms in to display the selected full size content while other thumbnails are pushed aside. You can even able to change the zooming and easing speed.


It is really a good way of showing your menu items, photos or images, because nowadays users are expecting more and more interactions with the website. Their experience of browsing your website can be very enjoyable and increase their chance of coming back. GridNavigation is very easy to implement like other flash components. It is currently available for ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 at the price of $44.95 – $54.95. You can view the demo of the GridNavigation here.

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