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Digistore Open Source Ecommerce Software Solution

Posted · Category: eCommerce, GPL License

Digistore Ecommerce is a fully featured store based on the popular osCommerce engine. Boasting improvements both to the administration and the end user experience – Digistore has quickly become a popular choice for people wishing to market products online.

Digistore allows users to be ‘live’ and selling only minutes after installation is complete. Digistore is a full content management system that requires no HTML or programming knowledge to operate. Now available for download completely free of charge under the General Public License Agreement.


You can see Digistore Demo Shop from the screenshot above. It works like otherEcommerce software solutions. Add items to cart and then checkout, you can also view your cart items on the left hand side any time.


Digistore Admin Area above is clean and easy to use. Digistore has the following Exclusive Features as well.

  • HTMLarea ( WYSIWYG editor) help
  • Advanced template colour and layout control help
  • Instore advertisement manager help
  • Thumbnail and large product images
  • Express checkout option
  • Secure administration login and access control

You can view all features and requirements here.

Requirements: PHP Server with MySQL
Demo: http://digistore.co.nz/
License: GPL License

  • See also http://www.magentocommerce.com.
    There is only a preview, but it seems to be a great project too!

  • Ray Cheung

    @ Mr.MoOx

    Yeah, we have published a post about Magento before. It is a really good e-commerce solution as well.

    You might be interested in this Post.

  • Yep thanks for the link :)
    But since this post, the project has really evolved
    (If my english is poor, it’s because i’m french :) )

  • weldo

    Are these still table based?

  • Thanks fro the great app.

  • My friend has been using this for a while on his store, unfortunatly there’s not been alot of updates in the last year for this.

    http://www.magentocommerce.com, looks to be the most hyped E-Commerce software at the moment and if it continues to grow will be a big hit in 2008.

  • If you haven’t already, be sure to check out another innovative open-source shopping cart software, PrestaShop:


    It’s full-featured and built from scratch using PHP5. There’s nothing osCommerce about it!

    Some of our users are former Magento users, who were looking for similarly robust & ‘Web 2.0’, only faster — PrestaShop “weighs” just 2.1 MB.

    Oh, and it’s 100% free. You don’t even have to register or obtain any ‘access codes’. ;)

  • Digistore is loved for its simplicty none the less. Easy to maintain etc. I dont think that megento will be that easy to maintain. It looks a handful

  • monolift

    Its built in tables…

  • prestashop rocks! much better and faster then the commercial software and off course better then Megento! I am using prestashop for my projects and I m in love with presta

  • Stop saying this, you cannot compare Magento and Prestashop.
    Prestashop is a very good project, but Magento offers a lot of functionnalities…

  • Thomas

    While Magento looks to be the bomb, it is a very heavy and resource-laden piece of software. It takes ages to do anything in there. It’s NOT recommended for shared hosting.

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