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Mosso Advanced, Enterprise-Level Hosting System

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Mosso provides web designers and developers with reliable hosting services. Fast and reliable connections to Mosso-hosted websites are achieved because the Company has the support of Rackspace Managed Hosting, an industry leader that currently manages 30,000+ servers for customers all over the world.

To stand out from other hosting companies, Mosso offers a unique hosting solution called Hosting System. It is advanced, enterprise-level hosting technology developed by Mosso that absolutely outweighs running your own server and with less cost. With $100/month, you can enjoy the following features.

80GB Storage Space with 2,000GB Bandwidth
Mosso offers you 80GB Storage Space with unbeatable 2,000GB of monthly bandwidth. You can have as many sites, email addresses and databases as you like.

Pretty and Easy to Use Control Panel
You can setup and manage your websites easily with powerful control panel. If you provide hosting solutions to your clients, they will have their own control panel as well.


Mixture of Windows and Linux TrueHybrid Technology
You can run both Linux technology (PHP and MySQL) and Windows Technology (ASP and .NET) on the same website.

Backup Your Backups
Mosso eliminates single point of failure with RAID technology. They backup your backups and backup their backups as well. There is no need for you to worry about data lost.

To set up and get the server running at Mosso is within minutes. If you are going to provide web design and hosting solutions, you may transfer the support, tedious billing & invoicing jobs of your clients to Mosso at very competitive cost. Mosso will do all these hassle as follows for you.

24-hour Phone and Chat Support
You can choose to outsource the support service for some or all of your domains. It includes 24-hour phone and chat support for $3/month per supported domain only.

Client Billing and Invoicing
You may pick whom you would like to bill and how much you would like to charge. Mosso will collect the fees from your customers and make ACH deposit each month into your back account. It cost only $2 or 4% of the transaction.

One more interesting thing
Mosso is partnering with Native Energy, and their goals are to make their hosting operation completely carbon neutral and to invest in projects that bring more clean energy into the power grid. You can view more details on Native Energy’s website. You can’t really go wrong with Mosso, because they know what to do for mankind. 

To be honest, I am really happy with the hosting solution Mosso provides when I am writing this review. It is really tempting to switch WebAppers hosting to Mosso especially when I intend to develop some more blogs/websites soon. If I plan to join the web design business, Mosso will be one of my picks for web hosting. Much resource (manpower and money) will be saved as I would let Mosso to deal with customer support and related matters. Hoping Mosso can sponsor the hosting for WebAppers. ; )

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