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Feed Analysis Analyzes Your FeedBurner Feeds Online

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The number of subscribers is very useful for bloggers to determine the popularity of their blogs. Yet, bloggers may hope that the FeedBurner stats can tell us how fruitful our effort results without much analytical calculation on our own. As such, Blog Perfume has developed Feed Analysis v1.0 which can provide bloggers, with the aid of beautiful interactive charts, a more detailed report and analysis from our feeds.


By the use of Feed Analysis, the number of subscribers for each month is neatly shown on the column chart. You can also view the number of subscribers, hits, views and clicks for every single day from the line chart. The best/worst day of the week is also available which is displayed on the pie chart. And also, Feed Analysis can give you an estimated value for your blog / site according to the number of your subscribers. From now on, you can analyze your feeds online for FREE to use as long as you have a Feedburner account.

Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://www.blogperfume.com/feed-analysis/
License: License Free

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