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PSDtuts with Most Practical High Quality Photoshop Tutorials

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I should have posted this great photoshop tutorial site long time ago, but I do not know which category I should put this in. Now, I am going to share this great site no matter what. PSDtuts is a blog/photoshop site made to house and showcase some of the best Photoshop tutorials around. They publish tutorials that not only produce great graphics and effects, but explain in a friendly, approachable manner.

Photoshop is a fantastically powerful program and there are a million ways to do anything, they hope that reading PSDtuts will help us learn a few tricks, techniques and tips that we might not have seen before and help us maximize their creative potential!

psd1.png psd2.png

You can see two of the amazing photoshop tutorials as above. All tutorials are really practical and helpful. The quality of every tutorial is really high. I high recommend this site to all web designers and developers.

Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://psdtuts.com/
License: License Free

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