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Videobox – Show Your Videos in Lightbox

Posted · Category: MIT License, Popup

Lightbox is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. This frees you from the constraints of the layout, particularly column widths. However it only supports images.

Now Videobox is a 6kb script, which allows you to show your videos in Lightbox. It was inspired from Lightbox.v2 and uses some of the Slimbox‘s code. It’s written for the wonderful mootools library. And used swfobject to embed flash. It has done a really great job, if you would like to show your videos in the page with an overlay, Videobox is a really great choice.


Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://videobox-lb.sourceforge.net/
License: MIT License

  • it’s cool!
    Thank you for your introduction!

  • Yahoo! I’ve been looking for just this…it’s been a missing link in steering my client away from an all flash site.

  • Seems cool. I might be using this.

  • I love it! Now to just get this implemented on my forums..

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  • Rok

    This is beautiful!!! Loving it all the way!

  • Grits N’ Gravy

    Hopefully this doesn’t get ridiculously overused like the regular lightbox did.

    I do love it though.

  • muttil

    how to do Automatic Pop Up when page is open( on load page)

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