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Junction – A PHP 5 Object Persistence Layer

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License


When developing PHP applications a great deal of time and effort is wasted writing tedious SQL queries to create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) entities. This situation is exacerbated when working with objects because relational database management systems, with which most persistent storage is maintained, can only store scalar values organized into tables. The developer is responsible for translating objects into a series of scalar values. This translation process is often very time consuming.

Junction maps an object’s state to a database, letting application developers concentrate on application level details. It is the glue between your application and its database, and it is easy to use and extensible.

Requirements: PHP 5+
Demo: http://junctionphp.com/
License: MIT License

1 Comment
  • PHP5 is not a mature languaje for objects yet. A lot of things would be useful to add, but fortunately (I think) it’s growing up in the OOP’s sense :D

    Thanks for the help,
    Beto Aveiga

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