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PubMatic Optimizes Your Ads and Maximize Your Revenue

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As the online advertising industry evolves, it is becoming increasingly difficult for publishers like you to effectively and easily manage your advertising inventory. PubMatic can help us answering the following questions.

Ad Network Auction
It’s not as easy as implementing Google AdSense anymore. Now there’s Yahoo! Publisher Network, Microsoft ContentAds is coming, and you may also be using 3rd party ad networks such as ValueClick or BlueLithium. Which ad network provides you with the most revenue?

Optimized Ad Layout
There are so many different ad layout options (size, color, location, text/banner/video, etc.) that it’s nearly impossible for you to know which layout will generate the most revenue. What ad layout maximizes click-throughs on your web site?

One Management Interface
Even if you knew which ad layout and ad networks work best for you, it’s not easy to maintain accounts across all of the networks and get consolidated reports on demand. How long does it take you to get a consolidated view of your ad inventory performance?

PubMatic provides an industry leading platform that lets you maximize your revenue and minimize the complexity of selling advertising on your web site. It is really useful if you would like to find out which ad network works best for your website. It is easy to use and understand and it is FREE.


Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://www.pubmatic.com/
License: License Free

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