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NoGray Free Highly Customizable Javascript Calendar

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It is difficult to find a well-developed calendar component for our web applications. NoGray has developed a free and highly customizable Javascript calendar component for web developers like us. The look and feel of the calendar can be changed easily using CSS. You can have more than one calendar on any page, create any number of months per calendar. You can also enable multi selection of date as well. The calendar looks really and very easy to integrate into your websites.


If you found the calendar does not suit your needs, you can spend some money and ask them to customize it for you. And also there are some other useful and free Javascript tools for webmasters, I particular like the Free Color Picker as well.

Web Application is getting more and more popular recently. They can be really useful because it can be accessed everywhere in the world with internet access. If you have an idea, do not know how to build it? NoGray might be able to help you. It is a small web design and development firm. They specialized in creating well-developed web applications for customers.


NoGray focuses on 3 simple steps when working with clients. They will design the homepage and main template for the website which gives the client a clear perspective on how it will look like first. While the development, they will create a easy to use content management system to ensure clients can update or make changes to the application easily afterwards. After all, they will also submit your website to major search engines without you worrying about the SEO stuff.

You know where to go if you need someone to help on your website or web application projects. ; )

Requirements: XHTML Doctype
Demo: http://nogray.com/calendar.php
License: License Free

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