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Fat Free Cart is a Free Version of E-junkie Shopping Cart

Posted · Category: eCommerce, License Free

FatFreeCart is the free version of E-junkie shopping cart. Get Google CheckoutIt works inside your website, your blog and will even work from your MySpace page. It is simply a copy-paste cart and does not require you to register with us or install anything.

FatFreeCart works with PayPal and Google Checkout. It supports product variations, shipping, handling and sales tax. On top of being certified by PayPal and Google, it has been successfully tested on humans and they absolutely love it (which means higher conversion rates for you). FatFreeCart is also the only serious cart with a somewhat funny name.


Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://www.fatfreecart.com/
License: License Free

  • I love this code… many thanks!

  • Goof

    I was really interested in this code, but since it uses javascript I was able to write a quick greasemonkey script to make all prices $0. Sure you don’t have to ship something if you don’t want, but if you don’t catch it you could be shipping items for free!

  • Price manpulation can be done with any shopping cart .. (JS or not) .. Price verification is a backedn process and not something you handle in the cart usually.

    If you are not into manaully screening orders, you will need a script in the backend to verify prices.

  • Jim

    The FatFree Cart is beautiful and easy to use but doesn’t it require that the fatfree server be available in order to work? In other words, your code is not self contained and if the fatfree people decide to go out of business or whatever, your shop will no longer work. If I’m wrong let me know.

  • Yes, it is a hosted solution. However, we have no plans to go out of business.

  • Is anyone available to help with my FatFree Cart script? I had it working just fine up until this morning, and I can’t for the life of me get it to work now.

  • Sure, I can help you with that.

  • Great! I really appreciate it! I have been thrilled with the FatFree Cart, and it worked fine for me through yesterday. Suddenly, the javascript version no longer works for me. The cart pops up but no information shows. Any ideas? http://www.daycarecelebration.com/buynow.htm

  • Ray Cheung

    @ Sarah

    I have just tested your page. It is working fine. Are you browser is working properly? Have you tried clearing the cache of the browser?

  • Hmm. I have cleared the cache. I am able to view the shopping cart of others who use FatFree Cart, but on mine, all I see is the white window and the ticking circle. That is very odd.

  • Ray Cheung

    @ Sarah

    Have you tried using another computer to view the shopping cart? I think the problem is within your browser, not the shopping cart itself. Because I can see it running properly now. ;)

  • I will try that. Thanks so much for your help! You’ve probably saved my sanity!!

  • Ray, I want to thank you again. It works for me after I’ve deleted my cookies. I kept cleaning out my internet files, but not the cookies.
    Thanks so much for your help.

  • Ray Cheung

    @ Sarah

    My pleasure. I am glad that you have solved the problem. :D

  • The hosting for the free shopping cart is hit & miss. I am using e-junkie’s free shopping cart on womenplayfootball.com and the buttons and shopping cart aren’t loading. Seems like e-junkie’s website is down. When they’re website is down, you have no shopping cart. You might be better off hosting your own shopping cart, and hopefully that will limit your downtime.

  • Even services like S3, Dreamhost, Bluehost go down unexpectedly.

    Every web services tries to minimize the downtime but there is always the risk of unexpected.

  • IB

    “No plans to go out of business.”

    But plans to one day charge for a free service… ?

    If the answer to that is “no”; we still have no guarantee.

  • I could use some help with FatFreeCart on my site (www.joieletterpress.com). When I add more than four items into the cart, the Google Checkout button disappears. The scrollbar doesn’t appear, and I’m wondering what I did wrong as it seems to show up just fine on other FatFreeCarts.

  • John

    Tina thats the reason I decided against fatfreecart, I loved the cart but lost confidence when the free version had a bug that could cost major sales…not to boot it has had this bug for quite some time now with no remedy. (someone wants you to purchase the full version I think, and if they see this post they will probably make up some excuse like it’s not a priority for them)

  • weyyau

    Yea…I am facing the same problem as Tina and John’s. By just adding 4 items, both Paypal and GoogleCheckOut buttons will be invisible(due to hidden under the small window)

    In addition while im testing fatfreecart, i am facing problem of passing the item from the “add to cart” to “view cart” as the item does not appear in the view cart.

    Hopefully someone can enlighten me as i need to implement online payment for my ecommerce website asap.


  • Cesar

    what is the deal with the e-junkie site? i tried fatcat and i like it, but i want to purchase it from e-junkie. Their site has not worked for a few days now. Anyone know what the deal is with them?

  • Cesar

    sorry, i meant “fatfreecart”- i was in a rush

    what is the deal with the e-junkie site? i tried fatcat and i like it, but i want to purchase it from e-junkie. Their site has not worked for a few days now. Anyone know what the deal is with them?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • Download the js script and change the width / height at the bottom. How do we add scroll bars??

    I cant seem to find it in the script.

  • Mario

    On a store I am creating each item is taxed at $3.00
    Is there anyway to have the first item add tax and each DIFFERENT additional item not to add tax?

  • Ian

    is this wc3 standard compliiant and can you validate it with the validator

  • bobbin

    I have tried Fatfree but am not satisfied and have switched to basket2go, it seems to be faster and prettier. I would like to have my own customised solution but have to wait for the moment due to financial reasons. They are all wc3 compliant.

  • Thanks for offering this cart for free. I have been looking for a free service to support Google Checkout. Hey all, if you want free and open source software that is truly useful, try to remember it is our job as users to find and report bugs without maligning (dissing) the programmers. If later this becomes a commercial product then I will gladly pay back those who helped me make money on the web when I couldn’t afford to pay. Be sure to donate if you can afford it.

  • Jen

    How do I create discount codes/coupons for customers using my Fat Free Cart?

  • i have fatfree cart installed and i love it. However, now that I am making sales i see that it is NOT collecting sales tax even though i have sales tax set up for CA in my paypal profile.

    The fatfree cart only allows flat amount, no percentages in the plugin for each post.

    Anyone figured this out? A cart is really no good if it can’t collect sales tax. As is it does not seem to plug into my paypal profile. Even talked with paypal tech for quite some time.

    Thanx for whatever help you could offer.

  • Setting up fat free cart and I don’t like the look of the button. I saw that people in the ‘example’ sites had different buttons, but plugging in the URL of my button in the code didn’t work.

    Any ideas how to change the look of the button?

  • ambiguish

    Can anyone still help with this cart? I think I’m having the same trouble as weyyau: I can products added to the cart and that seems to work just fine but ‘View Cart’ won’t work — it always shows as empty.

    Any tips on this would be a huge help, thank you!!

  • fab38

    I’ve got the same problem as Ambiguish. View cart doesn’t work. I can add the product into the cart but if I press the button “continue shopping” and want to see the cart, it always appear empty !
    Thank you if you’ve got a solution.

  • ambiguish

    I figured out the problem, at least for me: if you are working locally the cart won’t work for some reason. You can add things to it, but if you try to view the cart on another (or maybe even the same) page, it won’t work. Once your site with the cart implemented is actually online, it should work fine.

  • Tricia Shaw

    Is there a way to get free shipping on purchases over $50 on the fatfreecart

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