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Vitamin – How to Price Your Web Application

Posted · Category: Information

In the world of free, pricing isn’t given much attention. But if you’re looking for a real, sustainable business, it’s unavoidable. Paul Farnell’s gone through it all with his app Litmus and breaks it down for you in Vitamin – How to price your web application.

Paul Farnell mentioned that pricing is always somewhat of a black art, and a subject about which there is precious little written with regard to web applications. It’s something he has always been fascinated by. The question of how to price our web application, Litmus, was subject to countless hours of discussion. He will discuss some common factors and hopefully help spark some ideas which can help you decide upon the price of your own application.


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Source: http://www.thinkvitamin.com/features/webapps/how-to-price…
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