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HighLight.js Auto Detect and Highlight Any Code

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highlight.png Highlight.js highlights syntax in code examples on blogs, forums and in fact on any web pages. It’s very easy to use because it works automatically: finds blocks of code, detects a language, highlights it.

The program knows almost any languages: Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS, Django, Javascript, VBScript, Delphi, Java, C++, RenderMan (RSL and RIB), SQL, SmallTalk, Axapta, 1C.

WordPress plugin for highlight.js is also avaliable, it is useful if your blog is located on a shared hosting and you don’t have a permission to edit template and style files.

Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://softwaremaniacs.org/media/soft/highlight/test.html
License: See License.txt

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