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Website Grader Gives Your Website SEO Score

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websit-grader.gif Website Grader is a free SEO tool that provides an SEO score for your website with custom search engine optimization and marketing advice for your website. Use the form on the homepage to enter your website, your keyword phrases and your competitors to receive a report about the marketing effectiveness of your website.

WebAppers has a website grade of 96 means that of the thousands of websites that have previously been submitted to the tool, the algorithm has calculated that WebAppers scores higher than 96% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness. It also stated that Permanent Redirect Not Found. I have got the following suggestion.

“Search engines often regard www.webappers.com and webappers.com as two different websites unless you take specific measures to signal to them that they are the same site.

The best way to handle this situation is to setup what is known as a permanent redirect (or a “301” redirect) from one of these sites to the other. This way, any links that are pointing to the secondary site benefit the primary site, from an SEO perspective.”

What is your website grade?

* You do not need to fill in all fields to get a repot, just input your Website URL and then press “Generate Report”.

Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://www.websitegrader.com
License: License Free

  • Getting an error message after everything is calculated. Tried it on different web sites so it’s probably a bug on their end.

  • It works now, i got a score of 11 for my site, which looks pretty bad, but it’s probably a side effect of having no pagerank and incoming links on a week-old site. It didmiss the permanent redirect from the http:// to the http://www, as well as the rss link and delici.us bookmarks.

  • My biggest site for 82%, and apparently it’s been graded 8 times before I did. Haha.

  • Definitely good information. I didn’t even realize the 303 Redirect. I’m going to have to work on that later. I didn’t expect a high rank anyway. lol…

  • Thanks for covering and linking to Website Grader. We appreciate it!

    Mike Volpe
    VP Marketing

  • Wow, very interesting, one of my sites which I revamped for my client running on drupal also made it to 82%…phew. At least it was a pass! But it does reveals plenty of issues here and there as well! Time to improve yeah?

  • Great post mate! I got 95.5% pretty close. I am writing a post about this website as well. The reason i got 95.5% is because you must have done earlier and i did it recently ;-)

  • I started a virtual tour company http://www.regal360.com over 2 months ago. It began with a low grade of 15, 2 months later and my current grade is 84. This has been a great tool to increase my traffic. I also use seomoz.org as a membership they have great tools as well.


  • Just gave the grader a run and got my site up to a 84.. am waiting for Google’s next index and hope for improvements.

    I also ran the top Google sites and they had very low ratings, so I wonder what this rating actually does.

  • ohh.. I also changed my redirect and for some reason it is not seeing the code change. Anyone else having this trouble.

    I added a 505 – 500 code so all pages that are mistyped are sent to home page.

  • Sam Cabal

    Another great site for benchmarking your website is http://www.reviewmyweb.com

  • This is a cood tool,i love it

  • It’s a good tool, sometimes not very accurate though. My website, http://www.poultry.ie, scored 96% so I’m happy!

  • Great site, its helped me to correct my SEO don’ts.

  • great tools thanks

  • Haha.. I beat all of you! mwwwwwahahaha.. 96%

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