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The Easiest Way to Drive Trageted Readers to Your Website

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logobeta.png BlogRush launched on 15th September and can drive a lot of targeted readers to your blog for free. You simply add a widget to your blog and have your posts automatically promoted on related blogs across the internet.

*** 19-09-2007 Update ***
BlogRush has just made the Dashboard Report available to all memebers. It seems like it is working really well. I have attached WebAppers Report Screenshot, so that you can have a look of what you will get from BlogRush. It is not a big traffic but I am sure it will keep growing. You can dramatically increase your click-rate (visitors sent to your blog) by learning to create more effective blog post titles.



Whenever the widget on your blog loads, your latest post from your RSS will be shown 1 time on other blogs with the widget on the same category. For example if your blog has 500 pageviews, your latest post will be displayed 500 times within the widgets on other blogs. Try it now?

You will want to invite more people before someone else does! If they join BlogRush from the your referral link, they will be credited to your account as a referral. You will earn sydication credits based on their traffic and their referrals as well.

Requirements: No Requirements
Sign Up Now: Sign Up Now
License: License Free

  • Allan

    Nice a syndicate that make sense :)

  • You know, this method actually makes sense. In the past I’ve tried such methods as BlogSoldiers where every time you view a random blog site you get a credit for somebody to view yours. The only problem with it is that it’s not quality traffic because people are only visiting your sight because they want credits for somebody else to look at theirs.

    This method makes absolutely perfect sense. People will look at your sight because they want to read the article they click on.

  • Blogrush seems to work better for the big guys, after having the widget on my blog for a few days i’ve noticed minimal traffic from it. It looks like it makes much more sense when you’re getting 100+ unique visitors a day, than when you’re just starting out.

  • I think I will hold out on this for 6 months or so.

  • allan

    hey ray, please check the typo title of this article :)

  • Ray Cheung

    Thank you allan, it is fixed now.

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  • Its a great concept and this may give a great exposure to the post that displays on another blog with same topic.

  • Im curious to see how well this syndication tool works. The concept seems really great!

  • Blogrush has been defunct for awhile now. It was a failed experiment. But, you don’t know unless you try.

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