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DealDotCom Affiliate Program Official Launch

Posted · Category: Advertisement

DealDotCom.com is the place on the web to find all the Internet Marketing products you really want for rock bottom prices. The website idea is quite good. Their affiliate program is really tasty.

What Do They Sell?
Anything and everything related to building an online business, increasing traffic, monetizing your websites, blogging, web design.. They’ve spent the last 4 months stalking big-name (and not-so-big-name) Internet Marketers who sell high-quality products, and convincing them to let us sell their stuff at huge discounts on DealDotCom.

Each day, they only have ONE product for sale. It’ll be for sale at an insanely low price, and there will be an extremely limited number of copies available. That product will only be available until it sells out, or until midnight the next night, when we pull it down and start selling a new product.

Permanent Lifetime Two-Tier Commissions
When you refer others to DealDotCom and they get their free account, they are marked in their system as having been referred by you. Anything that they ever buy from them nets you a 35% commission FOREVER. What’s more, anyone that they refer to DealDotCom goes on your second tier. Anything people on your second tier buy nets you a 15% commission FOREVER.

Requirements: No Requirements
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