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Professional Open Source E-Shop for Free with Magento

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Have you thought of buidling your own e-shop, selling different kind of items on the internet? We are not talking about ebay or Shopify. This is absolutely free and open-source, you can install it on your own server. Magento is a new professional open-source eCommerce solution offering unprecedented flexibility and control. With Magento, never feel trapped in your eCommerce solution again. This web application is genius, I would never believe it is an open-source project.

  • Unlimited flexibility and no constraints
  • Completely Scalable Architecture
  • Professional and Community Support
  • Smooth Integration with 3rd party apps
  • Cutting Edge Features


Try the frontend yourself , explore how a Magento-driven store might look to your customer and test some of the features. Get a feel for it by going through the checkout process, tagging a product or leaving a review. You can zoom in and out of the product.


In the backend (Admin Username: admin Password: 123123), see how easy it is to do things like add product attributes, set up promotions or manage a catalog. The user interface is stunning.


Requirements: Apache Web Server (1.x or 2.x), PHP 5.2.0+, MySQL 4.1.20+
Frontend Demo: http://demo.magentocommerce.com/
Backend Demo: http://demo-admin.magentocommerce.com/(Admin Username: admin Password: 123123)
License: Open Software License (OSL 3.0)

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