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CodePress – Real Time Syntax Highlighting Editor

Posted · Category: Code, LGPL License

CodePress is a web-based source code editor with syntax highlighting written in JavaScript that colors text in real time while it’s being typed in the browser. It supports PHP, Java, Javascript, Perl, SQL, HTML and CSS. CodePress is distributed under the LGPL. It provides the following features.

  1. Real-time syntax highlighting » just write some code
  2. Code snippets » on PHP example type “if” and press [tab]
  3. Auto completion » simple type ” or ( or ‘ or [ or { on any example below (except Plain Text)
  4. Shortcuts » on PHP example press [ctrl][shift][space]. It’s shortcut to
  5. Multiple windows » you can add multiple CodePress windows to the same page


Requirements: Modern Browsers with Javascript Enabled
Demo: http://www.codepress.org/
License: LGPL License

  • Jeff Ward

    We use Codepress on YikeSite (www.yikesite.com) … brilliant editor.

  • Awesome find. I have Linux installed on my system. All text editors in Ubuntu are automatically syntax highlight enabled as well as have embedded spell-checking. For instance, this text box here that I am typing in right now.

    The hard part is finding a syntax-highlight enabled text editor that will do fancy things such as auto-indent when you hit return, and give you a nice list of all the functions and blocks of code and auto-complete drop-down boxes and such.

  • Max

    Codepress is pretty nice. Another great Web based Code editor is EditArea http://www.cdolivet.net/editarea/ (We currently use this for our projects).

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