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Live Validation – Validation As You Type

Posted · Category: Forms, MIT License

LiveValidation is a small open source javascript library built for giving users real-time validation information as they fill out forms. Not only that, but it serves as a sophisticated validation library for any validations you need to make elsewhere, it is not just limited to form fields.

The naming conventions and parameters of the validations are similar to those found in the Ruby on Rails framework, and as such is the perfect companion. Don’t worry if you dont use Rails though, LiveValidation can be used anywhere you like, is simple to learn, and a joy to use.


Requirements: Modern Browsers with Javascript Enabled
Demo: http://www.livevalidation.com/examples
License: MIT License

  • Nice! I really like this. I liked it so much I’ve created a PHP helper class to generate the Javascript lines and also serverside validation. See it at http://livevalidationphp.leihitu.nl/

  • Rene

    can i use it with mootools? i visited the author’s website and didn’t see if it is possible without changing the script…

  • I use this. Good script.

  • I might use it on my script someday. thanks

  • nadeem

    i am using active scaffold plugin in my project.but validations are not working in case of association.for example there is a many to many relationship b/t works table and contracts table.both the work name and contaract name are requred.but when i added a work.and i did not fill the field for work it produced an error.that is good.but when i added a work and the name of contarct is empty.it did not producesany error and add the record to work but not in contract.

  • sdsds

    Great stuff!

  • Yummy Script.
    I already used it in one of my project and found it very great working. Thanx to the writer for this script.

    I though found it difficult to display my own message with font styles in case of errors or valid messages..

    Any way very useful script…

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  • It works in our project ;) … thanks! :)

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