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Joyent’s Accelerator On-Demand Computing and Storage

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Scaling Web applications for growth requires either large expensive components that don’t get used up fast enough, or small and cheap components that are difficult to manage and quickly become expensive because of complexity and staffing requirements as the infrastructure grows. Just getting started can cost up to $250,000 in the first year alone when you factor in the cost of servers, storage, contract with a data center to host the equipment, get the bandwidth commitments done, and then hire a competent system administrator (maybe two as the Web is 24/7). Even with all of this – there is no guarantee you’ll be able to handle success.

Joyent’s Accelerators allow you to build out your infrastructure on an on-demand basis in small to large increments depending on your application’s needs. We like to call it ‘no-leash computing’. Joyent Accelerators are next-generation virtual computers that grow and multiply (or shrink and consolidate) depending on the real world demands faced by your Web application. Accelerators are built on highest-end AMD Opteron x64 multi-core servers with 4GiB RAM per core. Excellent platform for Ruby, Python, PHP and Java applications.

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