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RichFaces – Open Source Rich JSF Components

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RichFaces is a rich component library for JavaServer Faces built on an advanced open source framework (Ajax4jsf). It allows easy integration of AJAX capabilities into enterprise-level business application development. RichFaces enriches the Ajax4jsf framework in two important ways. First, it expands the number of visual ready-to-use components. Secondly, it fully implements the skinability feature of the Ajax4jsf framework including a large number of predefined skins. Using skinability, it is much easier to manage the look-and-feel of an application.

This demo Web application showcases the most important functionality available in RichFaces components. For each component or component set selected in the left-hand sidebar, you can see it in action. Also, you can instantly see the effect of predefined skins on the application whole look-and-feel. I really like the “Drag Indicator” one.

Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/
License: LGPL License

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