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Advertise and Monetize with LiveRail Video Advertising

Posted · Category: Advertisement

Other than Google Adsense, Banner Ads and Text Link Ads, we have another way to advertise and monetize our website very soon. Youtube has just started video advertising solution, now you can run your own video advertising soon.

For Advertisers, LiveRail is a unique online video advertising platform that lets you promote your business with measurable results and predictable costs, by only paying when someone chooses to watch your ad.

For Publishers, LiveRail can help you distribute your video content online and monetize it without signing away your copyrights. By publishing your video through LiveRail serve your video back exclusively to your own website, covering all your bandwidth costs, along with highly targeted, relevant and unobtrusive advertising, that your viewers only need to watch when it interests them.


Advertisers can see a full list of their active campaigns, with breakdowns on their views, click throughs and spending.


Advertiser’s commercials are encoded in Flash-video format, and include descripions and links to the advertiser’s website. If you want to find out more about how LiveRail works, you can request an invitation and start using the system.

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