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JQuery Password Strength Meter with Better Algorithm

Posted · Category: Forms, MIT License

Remember last we talked about Ajax Password Strength Meter by Code and Coffee which is not very useful because of the bad algorithm. Today we have a JQuery Password Strength Meter which is a small plug in that provides an easy way to show the strength of a users password as well. The algorithm seems to be a lot better than the last one and the Author said he is still improving the algorithm. JQuery Password Strength Meter provides some simple options that allow you to customize the output. You can define the strength of the meter easily by adjusting the score for each requirement.


Requirements: JQuery Framework
Demo: http://digitalspaghetti.me.uk/index.php?q=jquery-pstrength
License: MIT License

  • A Prototype Version of this would be nice =)

  • Definitely a better algorithm than the previous one. Kudos to the developer. :)

  • It’s an interesting concept to say the least..

  • Hi,

    Thanks for adding my plugin to your list here. I’m going to be putting out a new version soon, with some new features (like minimum password length and a few other optimizations). Keep an eye out for them in the next few days.

  • E

    Link doesn’t work.

  • Thank you very much for this nice plugin.
    I have added this plugin to my site.


  • Thanks for gr8 share i am using it on our new website youknack.com

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