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ValueClick Media – Quality Advertising with CPM / CPC

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Quality, control and a robust publisher platform make ValueClick Media a trusted partner to earn the most revenue from every form of online advertising. ValueClick Media displays advertising platform allows publishers to earn revenue from every standard banner format. They currently have ten media types available at this time; Banners (468×60), Leaderboards (728×90), Skyscrapers (120×600), Wide skyscrapers (160×600), Rectangles (180×150), Medium Rectangles (300×250), Half Pages (300×600),
InVue, Interstitial and Pop-under ads.

Apart from CPC (Cost Per Click) ads, ValueClick Media provides a lot of CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) ads as well. So that if your website / web application does not generate high click through rate, it is better for you to use the CPM ads. You will earn money for each impression you serve even no one clicks on your ads. However, they only accept websites which generate more than 3,000 page views per month.

Requirements: More than 3,000 page views per month
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