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Ajax Password Strength Meter

Posted · Category: Forms, License Free

strengthmeter.gifPassword Strength Meters are becoming more and more popular amongst web services. Google uses one when creating a Google account. The password strength meters wil be updated for every key input the user types. So how does one go about making one of these meters? Code and Coffee created one for us, it calculates how many different combinations there are for the password you enter, then determine how many days it would take to crack your password. The algorithm returns a percentage that he then in turn convert to a nice GUI for the end user to see.

Requirements: Modern Browser with Javascript Enabled
Demo: http://www.codeandcoffee.com/wp-content/uploads/demo.html
License: License Free

  • I entered “password” for my password, and it gave me a reassuring green “Very Secure” message. I think I’ll use that password from now on!

  • Read the comments on that article. The code is ridiculously stupid. In couple of words, Password lenght = Password strentgh?

  • Ray Cheung

    I think the concept is quite good. It gave us an idea of using Ajax to check the password strength in real time. However, we really need to improve algorithm.

  • hmmm… is it really so necessary to check password??? everybody must get it that “asg47284snfljh” is the secure password and 11111 is as bad as one could imagine…

  • We’ve recently implemented a password meter for PassPack. PassPack is an advanced Ajax application, thus the meter is javascript based.

    Choosing the cut off point for which something is “good” or “bad” isn’t easy – it’s really more of a sliding scale. In the end, we opted for just that – a sliding scale and a quality rating which loosely corresponds to bits.

    Here’s a mini-screenshot:

    And I’m sure if you write to Francesco (check the contacts page), he’ll give you more insight as to how it works.


  • If you want a Javascript (jQuery) based password checker, surf over to http://phiras.wordpress.com/2007/04/08/password-strength-meter-a-jquery-plugin/

    You’ll see that his algorithm awards points based on length as well as the composition of the password (using at least 1 uppercase letter, numbers, special characters, etc) with penalties for repetition.

    I’m going to implement his plugin in our Admin. System.

  • its nice shairing , thanx !

  • I am going to add this meter in one of my website. looks it will be a good stuff

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  • greatest

  • Technically, “license-free” means that we’re not allowed to do anything without your explicit permission. I think you mean “public domain” or, if you’d like to require attribution, “MIT-style”.

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