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aSSL – Open Source Ajax Secure Service Layer

Posted · Category: MIT License, Security

assl.gif aSSL is a library distributed under MIT License thats implements a technology similar to SSL without HTTPS. aSSL enables the client to negotiate a secret random 128-bit key with the server using the RSA algorithm. Once the connection has been established, the data will be sent and received using AES algorithm. aSSL is composed of some Javascript files and a server side component. A pure Javascript (ASP) server component is currently available. They will do a porting for the main web languages (PHP, Java, Perl, Python, TKL, etc.) as soon as possible once the aSSL has passed the beta phase.

Requirements: ASP Server
Demo: http://assl.sullof.com/assl/asp_example/example1.asp
License: MIT License

  • Wouter Van den Neste

    I just can’t wait for this baby to be ported to PHP.
    It will be a lot more easy for my webapps to be distributed to other servers than mine.

  • Serge

    … and what if javascript is disabled?

  • qqrq

    …then the service doeasn’t work. You need to remember that this is a solution for AJAX – based applications.
    Well in my opinion it can take Web 2.0 programing to the higher level. Awaiting for PHP component too. ;)

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