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Ryan Scherf Drag to Download

Posted · Category: License Free, Upload

Ryan Scherf visited a site which used a drag & drop type download system where you drag an icon over another, then the download immediately starts. He realized this would be easy with the onslaught of the prototype.js and scriptaculous frameworks. Ryan Scherf shows us an example of using the built in Ajax drag & drop for Draggables / Droppables included in scriptaculous to achieve Drag to Download with Ajax.


Requirements: Prototype and Scriptaculous Frameworks
Demo: http://www.ryanscherf.net/demos/download/
License: License Free

  • “a site which used a drag & drop type download system” –> that obviously is panic.com … they’ve been using that technique for ages by now (more than 2 years at least).

    Above that there’s nothing AJAX-alike to that script! It merely is an implementation of a script.aculo.us Droppable which changes the window.location.href when onDrop is fired.

  • Ray Cheung

    Thank you for pointing this out. I have corrected the post.

  • noob

    what do i do to make more items ??

    sorry…im a newbie,
    can u put instructions to make more draggable items with the example fiel…i think itll help ppl like me…

  • axiom

    Does not work in newest IE

  • Hey, this is good. I read this example and build my first drag and drop cart build…. very cool this!

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