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Emprise 100% Pure Javascript Interactive Charts

Posted · Category: Charts, License Free

A set of Emprise Javascript Charts ( Line, Area, Scatter, Pie, Bar and Function series ) with zooming, scaling and scrolling ablity. Built with compatibility in mind and tested on all major browsers, you can be assured your charts will function consistently for the broadest range of end users. Every aspect of the charting display can be configured and customized through well-documented properties and methods. It is free for everyone unless you want extra features.


Requirements: Safari, Camino, Firefox and Internet Explorer 6+, Opera
Demo: http://www.ejschart.com/examples/index.php
License: License Free

  • Dan F

    The link for the demo is wrong, should be http://www.ejschart.com/examples/index.php. Apart from that, nice looking charts fo sure

  • Ray Cheung

    It has been fixed. Thank you for reporting the wrong link. ;)

  • Dan F

    Dude, that was *quick*. No probs :)

    Lovely looking charts those ones, pretty impressive list of features. Zooming back out was a little non-intuitive would be my only comment. Other than that, I could have been fooled into thinking I was looking at flash. There’s a couple of funny bolded transparency issues in IE6 too, that’ll learn me for using IE6 :)

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