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Drag and Drop Flash Polaroid Photo Gallery

Posted · Category: CC License, Gallery

Christopher Einarsrud was intended to develop a flash photo gallery called Polaroid Gallery for his online portfolio in year 2006, but he ended up going for something completely different. He thought that it might come in handy for someone else, so he decided to release it as a free and open source flash gallery for everyone. All the photos are displayed as Polaroid Photos, you can move them around with your mouse. You can also double click on each photo to zoom in. Polaroid Gallery looks so fresh and stunning that I would like to have one too.


Requirements: Modern Browsers with Flash
Demo: http://www.no3dfx.com/polaroid/
License: Creative Commons License

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  • hey, works great! and I’m no programmer!

    just remember to resize the pictures to the script propotions (464 x 450) and you’ll be fine.

    someone should take this concept further!

  • hcabbos

    There needs to be a way to close the currently viewed pic because once you double-click a picture, you need to step through each photo.

  • Susanne

    just double-click it again ;)

  • wow!! awesome stuff. Real fresh way to browse pictures…

  • asdf

    How can I take the .fla code?

  • dan

    broken in IE7 nice script thou! Seem to load cached pictures in the top right hand corner in IE7

  • dan

    Ok I got it working with IE7 just dont use swfoject. Use the old school way along with a lower version number

  • julia

    This is such a great gallery, works perfect for me! Does anyone know how I can add a sound effect when you click on the photos? I would like to add a snapshot .wav file I have. Thanks for your help!

  • Rishi

    its really a great piece of work…
    but after refreshing the page all snaps are piled in the top Left corner of the page (i m using IE 6 & 7 )…

  • flusho

    Can you elaborate on how you got this to work?

  • Filip

    I too would very much like to know the workaround for the IE-problem where the polaroids get stacked at the top left of the page. Thanks in advance!

  • Pamela

    i cant find any instructions on how to use this!? how con i upload my pictures in wich folder!?

  • hi, is a very usefull script. someone know’s how i can drag and drop the pic inside the polaroid???

  • Looks really good, there is also a plugin for wordpress?!

  • Laura

    I’m using this gallery on a high school swimming website and it’s great! The only problem is that it only loads 20 pix from Flickr. Anyone know why and what I can do about that? Thanks!

  • Laura

    I’m using this gallery for a high school swimming website, but it only loads 20 pix from Flickr. Anyone know why and what I can do to change it?


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  • kappa

    Anyone know where you can get the XMl it talks about, where you can list the files you want to use.

  • rob

    Hi Ray and thank you for this article. I saw that someone asked for a WP plugin or xml files. Here: http://www.flashxml.net/polaroid-gallery.html you can find a nice flash polaroid gallery based on xml files which can be used in WordPress websites as well.
    Hope it helps!

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