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ParticleTree Rediscovering the Button Element

Posted · Category: Buttons, Forms, License Free

As we know, the input with the type=”submit” is either too ugly (Firefox), a little buggy (Internet Explorer) or completely inflexible (Safari). The solution for most is to use image inputs and create the damn things ourselves. And it’s unfortunate, because then we’re reduced to the tedious tasks of opening up Photoshop every time we’re in need of a new button. What we need is something better—something more flexible and meant for designers. Lucky for us, the solution already exists. ParticleTree introduced us a better way to do it, also with mouseover and mouseout effect.

Rediscovering the Button Element

Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://particletree.com/features/rediscovering-the-button-element
License: License Free

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