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Snoop Tracks Your Visitors and Events On Your Desktop

Posted · Category: License Free, Stats

SnoopReinvigorate Snoop is a real-time tracking tool for your website which is running in the System Tray (Windows) / System Status Bar (Mac) you no longer need to endlessly flip between your work and stats. When something happens, Snoop will let you know. Snoop will run on any website or blogging platform that allows JavaScript. Simply insert the tracking snippet on any page you want tracked and we take care of the rest. You can assign different events with different sounds, e.g. new visitors, comments and donation,etc. You’ll know the instant someone makes a comment on your website, visits your website, make a donation, etc..


Requirements: Internet Explorer 5+, Firefox 1.0+, Opera 8+, Safari
Demo: http://report.reinvigorate.net/snoop
License: License Free

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