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Use Demo Tour to Guide Visitors with Demofuse

Posted · Category: Components, Demo Tour, License Free

DemoFuseAfter we have developed a web service or web application, we need a way to teach users how to use it properly. A demo tour is what we are looking for. Demofuse allows us to creae tours that interact with your visitors browser by creating area highlights, emulating cursor movements, and even help by filling in forms.


Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://www.demofuse.com
License: License Free

  • xkont

    Must try and see.

    Really-really easy and quick.
    Nothing to install*, everything is on their server and displays the tour with a link (with your URL) and/or image.

    Great job!

    *one line script before “body” tag closure

  • It seems that Demofuse has been let go. There is no successful way to contact the developers. I’m still looking for a good alternative. Amberjack is ok, but very 90’s looking, and doesn’t highlight like I’m looking for. Let me know if you find anything else. Thanks!

    Looks good, but I’m afraid to use it long term if there is no support!

  • Mo

    Has anyone found an alternative to this yet? I’m so upset that this is gone :(

  • Kim J.

    Now not only has the site not been updated… now the domain isn’t even reserved for them anymore!! When I click on the link for http://www.demofuse.com I get GoDaddy’s advertisement page that tries to get you to register that domain name thru them… which obviously means that the owners of DemoFuse failed to renew their domain registration!!

    Oh Well… I guess it really is gone!!

    But on the bright side, I have been using Jing for all of my screenshot needs as well as some of my simple screen video needs and it really is great.

    It does have a few drawbacks though…

    1. You can only have one file uploading / saving at a time
    2. You are limited to a MAXIMUM screen video recording length of 5 minutes.
    3. If you choose to COPY your screenshot / video and then later decide to save it to your haut rd drive and/or upload it to the web, then it creates a DUPLICATE ENTRY in the Jing History Panel!

    But aside from those few drawbacks, it really is a very good basic app for your screenshot / screen video needs.

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