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Most Features Javascript Calendar and Date Picker

Posted · Category: Calendar, Design, LGPL License

Dynarch DatePickerWhen we are developing web services or web applications, we need users to input dates sometimes. We would like users input dates in a certain format so the data can be manipulate easily. If we ask users to input dates in certain format manually, it will be very clumsy. Therefore, a good date picker or calendar is needed. Users can click on the calendar icon, a calendar will pop up and let the user choose the date. The date will be input into a specific text field after choosing a certain date from the calendar.

We are now introducing you the best javascript calendar and date picker we have seen so far. Dynarch.com has developed an open source javascript calendar with the following extra features as well.

  • The look is customizable through external CSS
  • High quality color themes
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Can show days from adjacent months
  • Can show week numbers
  • Translated into many languages
  • Any day can be “the first day of week”
  • The default “first day of week” can be configured in the language file
  • One can easily jump back or forward with 24 years
  • Provides help hints (also configurable)
  • Includes an optional time selector with 1 minute resolution
  • Special days (configurable list of days that are displayed differently)
  • Allows multiple days selection
  • Fast and very easy to setup

Requirements: Internet Explorer 5.0+,Firefox, Netscape 7.x,Gecko-based browsers, Konqueror 3.2+ , Safari, Opera 7+
Demo: http://www.dynarch.com/demos/jscalendar
License: LGPL License

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