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A Clean & Secure Open Source PHP Login Script

Posted · Category: MIT License, Tools

PHP & MySQL Login Script is an open source PHP login script. It’s clean, crisp, fast, free, safe, object oriented, high performant and reduced to the max. Including the best password encryption available in PHP (bcrypt with blowfish, using the official (!) PHP password hashing functions).

This script works perfectly with PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5! Available in a 1.) one-file, 2.) minimal (basic functions, 1 minute setup), 3.) advanced (verification, password reset, mails, etc.) and 4.) a full-MVC-framework-like version (PDO, professional structure, URL rewriting, basic UI and even a responsive layout).


Requirements: PHP & MySQL
Demo: http://www.php-login.net/
License: MIT License

  • RadFred

    There are far more better scripts than this. Contains lines of code I would be ashamed to come up with. Please, check stuff before you recommend it!


  • @Alfred Dobradi:disqus Can you go into detail why do you think that this script is “bad” ? It’s #1 on GitHub (10x more stars, forks and watchers than every other script), reviewed by PHP Core devs, tries to be PSR-1/2 and the only one that uses the PHP 5.5 password hashing. Can you please name alternatives ?

  • Manya Manu


    very very nice
    keep it up



  • Sam

    Don’t bother, it’s full of bugs and the arrogant #@$ who programmed it
    insults and belittles you on his own support forum when you ask for help
    when something in HIS script isn’t working as expected; he says read
    the README, even if you already told him you followed the step-by-step
    instructions to the letter and this implies YOU READ THE FUCKING README. Doesn’t give a fuck, doesn’t read what you
    wrote. Doesn’t care. Arrogant $%@#%

  • Alexander Fuchsberger

    awesome script! I just have some future wishes:
    google+ integration, minified productivity versions of the classes,… without all the comments

  • Rodeo Marvicks

    yeah right he is very arrogant and rude he thinks like he had developed something out of this world

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