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Giveaway 5 x Professional Edition of JomSocial

Posted · Category: Information

JomSocial is a Joomla-based platform for building social networks and community websites with collaboration tools, Facebook-like features and more. If you want an online community, want to find like minded people, want to promote your brand or even change the world, then JomSocial is for you. You can build, customize and extend your social network the way you like it with the best Open Source Community Software.


JomSocial 2.4 ‘Boulevard’ has just been released with a bunch of new features. So now is the best time to get JomSocial for FREE! You can read more about JomSocial’s new features here.

In this giveaway, 5 lucky readers will get Professional edition access to JomSocial worth $149 each which includes three free templates and 12 month VIP support so you can start building your online community immediately.

Just leave a comment below on how you would use JomSocial to build an online community. We will pick 5 lucky readers and announce the results on 18th December 2011. Best of luck!

  • Dorac

    I’d love to win this component. If I had to win this i’d implement it into my new website (not sure if I can state the link here :-/), which is a horse-bet tipping system (more sports tips to be implemented at a later stage), it has a forum for the users but making use of this component will greatly add value to my website and better communication in my websites community. It would be an amazing component to have on my website.

  • I’d like to win this plugin to make a brand fan community for multiple brands with research purposes.

  • I would like to use this to create a football social site i have in mind.

  • I’d use it to create the community to improve the cooperation between students and business. The goal will be to create new workplaces and create innovative products.

  • soess

    wow that an amazing collection… i love it..I hope I can win

  • filipe menossi

    such a great component. i am developing a elarning integrated to a web based community. this resource it will be a great value for the project

  • I’m very interested in this component, because I’m a web designer focused on Joomla and Magento systems.

    I really would like to check that component out and playing around with it.

  • I’d love to develop a community of a freelancer here. Hope i win this.

    Proud to be Malaysian~!

  • I would use it to based my school community on JomSocial. I thinks it’s better than using regular forum and encourage more interactivity between members. So success is more likely if the members more active, Thanks!

  • Im looking for a new theme and a social plugin to improve social engage ffor my flash games site.

  • Antole

    Would love this component to build an online community for local dancers in my town.

  • i am want to using joomsocial as my joomla group extension

  • Jacob

    If I win, i’ll extend site with community functions :)

  • Michiel

    I would build an online community for my college. So users can create on online platform for several courses.

  • Dion

    I am working on a community site based on XenForo, and while that does have the features that we need, after reading through the JomSocial features, it seems that it suits our needs A LOT better than XenForo and will gives us a VERY good starting ground for the community, as the designs seem to be built to look good on all aspects of features.
    I would love to win a Professional Edition of JomSocial for this reason, and I would even go as far to transfer my XenForo license to you, so you can give that to someone else (Will renew it so it will last 1 year, to be fair to whoever gets it)

    I hope you choose me, if not, then congratulations to the winners :)

  • Andy

    I would love this so I can fulfill my dream of creating a niche community for people facing financially tough times. The community would help them to support and help each other and meet people in a similar situation. I am facing tough times too so to have something free would be great and give me a boost to do something positive.

  • The idea is to use this component to create a community of all students from Portugal.

    The Cartao Academico Project joins the student with the community allowing them with 1 card get discount and promotions.

    This copponent will allow them to express themselves.
    With you help we can give power to the students :D

  • Would love to use this component on a new site I have been planning but not sufficient funds to lift it off the ground.

    Worked before with this and am sure the new additions will really help greatly.

  • goboxy

    I have been trying for a long time to build an artist community, an ad free community where all art student can share their works, get reviews and constructive credit, I’m working with 4 other persons on this idea, and we are committed to add something new, useful and open to all.

    No plan to make money from that, but what most matter to me, is be part of community, share and gave back, I hope to have some luck and win ans start building, as you know it’s just a though time and little help will be appreciated.

  • Awesome giveaway! I’ll be using it to create a social network for people from India who have been living in the US for decades and new as well!

  • Winning this product would be a fantastic opportunity. This would be a great feature to add to a collaboration network that is in development for my clients. With the customization, it would also make it possible for personalized sub-networks for them as well. Thus making interaction with shows, announcements, and specialty social marketing campaigns possible.

    I really hope to be one of the five. If not, congratulations to those that do win this very nice platform.

  • I would use JomSocial to create a crowdsourced citizen controlled Think Tank and integrate the JomGive plugin to extend JomSocial for crowdfunding the community’s most awesome think tank ideas!

  • Mathan Vibranarayanan

    Happy to participate!

  • This would be great for me, I have been using mostly WordPress to design, worked with Joomla on one site, and I would love to be able to offer both options to my clients.

  • chrishawn

    i used to run a local music community site called musicscene.org and our old community software just became out of date and we didn’t have enough money to keep moving forward with it. but still every day i get requests to bring back the site. this looks like it would be a perfect fit for where I would like to take the site to breathe life back into it again

  • Hiki

    Well. I have been using jomsocial earlier in work and now would love to use it on my personal project to create polish online magazine wit social touch based on jomsocial. Hope there is a chance.

  • Would make a Tattoo Social Network for my site =)

  • Jonathan Batteas

    I would love to win Jomsocial. If I did, I’d use it to implement multiple small communities for different groups within my church in order to organize events and projects.

  • Thanks for consideration. I have a disabled client back East that I am doing alot of comp work for, and this could be just the thing to set him up with a site that can do some work for him.

  • Joe

    i’d like to find a reason to use joomla again!

  • Cool

    Thank for such awesome giveaway I would like to have this and build my own community for my blog which talk mainly about computing and technologies.
    Please count me in this and thank once again for organizing such great contest. Cheer.


  • Its really great chance to win such a nice prize. it would help me to build community to promote open source. I am planning to start something to support open source because less people are aware about open source and waste money in proprietary.

  • I want to use JomSocial Professional Edition and its’ awesome features to create a community driven crowdsourced, digital think tank.

  • DIablo9983

    JomSocial is a best community extension for Joomla. If I win, I would like to create a PHP,MySQL and other web technologies community.

  • Fabio

    I’d love to develop a community for ontological coaches. Hope i win this.


  • Brian Saycocie

    I would build a community for friends and family, with the ability to upload pics and post messages on their wall. Oh wait…that’s Facebook ;)

  • Dennis

    I read ur entrys every day since ur opening. I want to say sorry and thx in one sentence for giving me/us such an place of inspiration and usefull things.

    I want to setup 3 sozial places
    – one is our online TV-Podcast channel meikel.tv on which we present regional stuff about people, events and local authority politics. There will be a communitysetup on spring next year
    – the second is for needy people, where there can get professional information and help. we have some 1€ shops around here, some open places for invalid people. We (meikel.tv) asked the operators of these places it they want to use such a thing like an community and we get much posive response.
    – the third one is at the moment a closed community, where people can give an idea of an product which will get in production when its voted by the community. we had cb installed but we testet around with js and it is the better solution for us.

    So it would be nice, if I win one license to get not to much in trouble with the costs and it will be set-in for the second one of these communitys.

    thx4reading and I wish all of the commenters good luck.

    best regards

  • peebe

    Will make a thorough benchmark of JomSocial regarding performance and features compared to others like SocialEngine.

  • Wish to develop a temple community. Will definitely help me.

  • Max

    I really want to win. If this happens, I’d use JomSocial to improve my Party(Planing)-WebApp which is currently in development.
    Another idea I have is to build some kind of mobile/coupon/shopping-community.
    Third idea: kick FB’s ass by being more awesome.
    4th: Community for movie junkies and (indie)music lovers.
    Hope to win!

  • RichardMX

    I’ve always wanted to use this component. Maybe in first world countries 150USD is “nothing” but in third world countries it’s just a lot of money.

    Would like to win and use it to enhance my soccer website.

    Thank you.

  • I run a regional weather site for S. California and have always wanted to implement social into it for the community to get involve in weather discussions. I have tried other solutions with no luck. I like JomSocial it looks very complete and polished.

    I would love to win a copy to use on my site.

  • Ghofrani

    I will use this component to set up Educational community websites for schools and universities . I like the Ajax private message system of this component which can be used to be integrated with any component . I can add the jomsocial PMS option beside every article author on the website using some line of code which will be a powerful feature for the website .
    Also the user list feature with search and filtering options are so nice feature for educational community websites .
    Also this component support addon applications that can be setup on the backend of the component to be able to add more features to the community . For example I can use the latest articles tab in the user homepages through the use of addon plugins .
    Also this component shows the online status of users which is so good for community websites .
    Also the activity stream which is shown on the component frontpage homepage is so nice for such community websites .


  • John Drew

    I would build a online community for students and teachers in our school. Make them share all about their classes. Maybe like online grade book. :)

  • JomSocial claims to be the best social platform, but BuddyPress 1.5 is the best, in my opinion! I am an ex-Microsoft engineer who built parts of Hotmail and I found the WordPress/BuddyPress framework to be easier to develop for with better community support. You can see what I built at http://tgn.tv – That said, I would like to try the Pro version of JomSocial and hope I get picked in this contest :)

  • ibheck

    if I win I’ll use it for a gathering place for me and my friends flash game lov

  • Yuwei

    Hope I could win this :D

  • Robert

    I’m a long time Joomla user, even pre-Joomla, since Mambo to present version. I’ve built several communities since, and I would like to have the opportunity to try Joomsocial for my next community project, and see how it compares to the other Joomla community components.

  • I would like to use it as an add on to a large ballroom dance communuty site.

  • Do count me in. Definitely useful for me. :)

  • Kaz

    I am leaving a comment below.See! I follow instructions. LOl.

    Great giveaway. Good luck to everyone.

  • I’m not sure if my previous comment went through (if it did, please ignore this one instead of disqualifying me)

    If I’d win access to JomSocial, I’d use it to build a developer and user community for Tradeshift. =)

  • Aphiwad Chhoeun

    I’d really like to use JomSocial to build a community for helping newbies web dev students ^^

  • Allan Catadman

    I really love this component. Sad to admit that I used nulled JomSocial component for our community. We tried to raise money just to get a full license copy but failed. Thats why we really REALLY need this component.

    Hope I can get a copy of this for FREE through webappers.com.


  • Markus

    I would build a free dating service.. there are alot of them I know.. but in sweden there are no good free once.. :)

  • Hi,

    I’d use this to build the online Social Enterprise that I’d like to launch.


  • Jez

    I’d build a social networking site for people to Jam together, find people at the same level of music technicality and meet up and Jam!

  • HamiD

    I’m In :)

  • Navjinder

    Hi There, I need jomsocial to create a website for a chefs community here.

  • I would build a Christian community of faith.

  • Huy

    such a great component. i am developing a elarning integrated to a web based community

  • Fabio

    JomSocial rocks! Just what i need for my job offers portal :)

  • very good addition to Joomla ! I would use to build communities for my customers allover the world.

  • Parker

    I will be using it on a new social networking site that am planning to launch in feb 2012

  • I love joomla. but never build social networking site. if i get it, wow, its really happy to me. the big thanks

  • Neil

    If I win I will use the $150 I saved from not buying jomsocial to buy christmas presents for my sons, probably Lego or one of those cool transformers that takes 30 minutes to change into a jet/man. cheers – Neil

  • Luck

    I wish I could use this awesome platform to build website for aviation community – pilots, gliders etc… Great to know, that with this comment I have a chance to finally bring my visions to reality. Fingers crossed :) Good luck for everyone!

  • goboxy

    where is the results, I have been checking this page every half hour

  • Ray Cheung
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