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Open Source CMS with Intuitive UI and Killer Themes

Posted · Category: Framework

Fork CMS is dedicated to creating a user friendly environment to build, monitor and update your website. It is jam-packed with cool apps. It’s comes with the territory of being a kick-ass Content Management System.

They have also a wide collection of beautiful themes build by talented designers. With Fork CMS, being a marketing guru is super easy. It also plays nicely with excising services like Campaign Monitor and Google Analytics.

With Fork CMS anyone can contribute to our Content Management System through the power of Open Source. This allows anyone anywhere to use Fork CMS, love Fork CMS and help expand Fork CMS.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.fork-cms.com/
License: See License Terms

  • James

    Liked it, installed in about 10 minutes (including download time), simple admin interface. Looks great!


    p.s. Ray – It took me half an hour to scroll to the comments box past all of the ads! (Well I may be exaggerating a little there). :)

  • Kevin

    @James +1 :)

  • Ray Cheung

    They are not ads… They are related posts on webappers that other people might find them useful too. :/

  • James

    Ray, sorry, of course they are, I suppose I should’ve paid more attention to them!

    The problem is the layout of your web site is so good, and the related links are so well laid out, my brain saw them as ads and auto skipped them ;)

    Any chance you could move them BELOW the comments box?

    Whilst I’m here I’d just like to say thanks for such a wonderful resource. I visit daily.


  • Ray Cheung

    Hi James,

    Thank you for your support and your valuable feedback. The problem is that visitors do not comment much, so I thought it would be better to put some related posts on top of the comment section.

    I am more than happy to re-consider putting it below the comment box. Thanks again for your feedback!


    How did you know this was EXACTLY what I was looking for?! I’ve been stressing about finding the perfect CMS for this job I’ve been researching…and this may have solved all of my problems. You’re amazing!!!


  • Josh


    Thanks for the CMS Post. I’m looking for a new one and will have to put this one through the tests.

    I like the related posts and have used those links before, however, what if they were smaller and put in more of a grid; Maybe 2 or 3 across. Just an idea.

    Thanks again for all these resources.

  • Thanks for this, this CMS looks absolutely perfect for the redesign of our website. As a thank you, I’ve unblocked ads on this website – long may you role in money

  • Fabricio Santos

    Here is what I would do regarding the “under” sections:

    Since this is the smallest section I would move the “Social media, reshare and sponsor” just below the article and then would include the two other sections, “Related web resources” and “Comments” in a collapsed form and show the usual + sign to expand them at will of the users.

    This way you sponsor will be happy and it will be quicker to access the comments section.

    Hope it helps


  • Nate

    My opinion on the related resources/comments:
    I think the layout is fine. However, I also thought the related resources were ads until I looked closely. I think there are 2 issues.

    1. Consider taking the images out of the related resources and make them text links only. Perhaps also consider changing the background color? (The background color change might not be needed if you take away the images.)

    2. If I click the comments link from the main page, it doesn’t actually “jump” me to the comments, it takes me to the top of the article.

  • Maria Dajko

    Nice work :)

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