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Giveaway 50 x Digital Copy of the Awwwards Book

Posted · Category: Announcement

Awwwards are the awards that recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world. An international jury made up of some of the most important designers, bloggers and Internet agencies, will evaluate each site by means of a strict system of evaluation; scoring it on a scale of 1 to 10 for its Design, Creativity, Usability and Content.


They have recently published a book: The Best 365 CSS Websites around the World. All of them are selected for the Site of the Day and Site of the Month by their international judges. You can follow facebook.com/awwwards here.


Awwwards is very kind to giveaway 50 x Digital Copy of the book: The Best 365 CSS Websites around the World to our readers. All of them cost total €300 usd (£6 each). Simply leave a comment under this post. We will randomly select 50 lucky people and announce the winners on 18th June. What are you waiting for?

  • Michiel

    That sounds like an amazing book. Since I’m a starting web designer I would definitely find it very useful!

  • Gerty Engrie

    That book really looks awesome!

  • http://www.d-com.it Andrea

    That book is gonna rock!

  • array81

    I’m here!

  • Staxx

    Looks really nice! Never heard from them dough. I want one! :-)

  • vincent

    I love books

  • http://www.shito.de shito

    That’s really nice to get more ideas for own projects.
    I don’t read so much books, but that book i would study :D

  • http://funnyfacebook.org gecko

    wow this is a great inspiration book…
    I love yhis book

  • johndeuf

    Awwwards really make good reviews of best web site.

  • Richard

    That book will be a great resource for web design ideas :)

  • Mike Jongbloet

    Sounds great to me

  • http://chandra.utama.us Chandra

    That book would improve our skill as web designer.

  • http://www.crealx.com Alex

    I have to leave a reply, just in case of :)
    This book seems awesome, and what a good source of inspiration !

  • wjvdhoek

    I’d love a copy!

  • http://lpociask.info lpociask

    Awesome book ;)

  • RazorD

    This book looks amazing!

  • Rattapp1

    Well, seems it might be worth it :-)

  • Rey

    I would like it :)

  • http://www.ao6-labs.eu AoSiX


  • Tim

    Looks really cool – I’d take one :-)!

  • galechus

    Ready to receive

  • urban

    choose me please

  • http://www.hepsiparis.com Snowbird

    I want to have it. Thanks.

  • http://www.bessr.de Matthias

    I like books and comments. :-)

  • http://www.andreapalermo.tk Paletta

    Wow amazing booki…I’m here crossing fingers!

  • http://www.ichirica.ro Ionut

    this book was on my wishlist. Maybe this is a good opportunity to get one :)

  • Ivan

    Amazing gift, thank you for this giveaway even if I’m not a winner…

  • http://ademalpyildiz.com.tr ademalp

    This book very nice

  • Angelo Ferreira

    I would love to put my hands in one of those…. :P

  • Omar

    Looks like a treat!

  • FabioG

    Great, i’d like one of those.

  • http://www.alamalnet.com Abdelhadi Touil

    It’s very interesting to have such book to get more inspirations. It’ll be very helpful. Thanks.

  • beux

    a must have !

  • ad2joe

    sounds great!

  • Laurent

    Would be great to win this source of inspiration ;-)

  • http://code-jutsu.com Camille

    That book sounds awesome. :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/shmilov Michael Shmilov

    The book looks very cool! Me want one :)

  • Prasaanth Naidu

    me me..

  • buzz

    Very cool a book, wish me could have one.

  • http://marioawad.com Mario Awad

    Great. I’m in. Good luck to all :)

  • http://www.hdrumev.com/ Hristo Drumev

    I like this book

  • Lapin

    I’ll enjoy a good book!

  • http://www.jetmultimedia.ma Omar Koukouch

    Sounds awesome, this will be just fine added to my already printed ones collections. Nice work i love it.

  • http://twitter.com/michelegera Michele Gerarduzzi

    I’m in! Thanks

  • TC2010

    Love this idea, I want one.

  • http://eisabainyo.net/weblog ESN

    The book looks good. Please count me in!

  • http://www.relink.co.il livne

    All in.

  • http://freedeliverybooks.eu Eddy

    wiii – I hope to get one :) Count me in and good luck to all :)

  • Greg Caie

    Yeeeeesssssssss please! Looks really great!

  • selvi

    Love to have one!!

  • http://www.ubuntca.com/ abdullah

    It’s interisting

    I hope one

  • Patrick van Halderen

    Amazing giveaway! Would love to have it!

  • Sam

    Want one :)
    Hope I don’t need to be creative with the comment to get it :D

  • k0lehti

    Uuu… pick me

  • http://www.deepetch.com luke watts

    Thats sounds like good book, lucky i came across this and i’ll get one for our designers..Thanks for sharing

  • http://www.oliv.tv Olivier

    A very good initiative… Thanks…

  • http://www.engstream.se/ Oscar Engström

    Seems like a great book, also with a real nice design! It would be dynamite to have one!

  • http://www.goanna-webdesign.com steph munnier

    great idea!

  • http://www.pmphp.net Pere

    The drawing is on my birthday ^_^!

  • Go

    Super. I’m in, too.

  • Wlotzka H.-D.

    Great Book ! I want one !

  • http://alsanan.info alsanan

    Hi, I’d like one of those wonderful books.

  • Geoffroy

    Awwwards is a good daily dose of inspiration !

  • http://impendulo.net Joost Kiens

    Looks interesting. Love to get one.

  • iKooon

    I love Comment Lotteries!

  • http://koffeinfrei.org koffeinfrei

    cool, i want one.

  • Klaas

    Raaaaandddodoomm, pick me! :)

  • http://tradeshift.com Daniel Spitzer

    I hope I can win one for the office, the front-end developer would go mad =)

  • Hassan

    I want one! :)

  • Peter

    Looks like a nice book! I wanna take a look inside :)

  • TreeUK

    I’m always looking for inspiration and regularly visit a lot of website design “best of the web” aggregations so this would be good to have.

  • http://www.dinesh.co.za Dinesh Copoosamy

    Me…. Pick Me :D

  • Kaspars

    I want this book!

  • http://www.tahtakilic.com Gurkan

    Good news! I want one! (:

  • Leward

    Of course, I’m in !

  • Nico

    Thanks webappers.com !

  • http://www.craigpintodesign.com Craig Pinto

    Hope I win, I’ve wanted this book for a
    couple of years now. But never had the extra
    cash to purchase it….please…..

  • Srinivas

    Excellent collection that webappers brings every day. Wish i can get this.

  • Vojkan

    I want one!

  • Gertjan

    ach, let’s see if I win one

  • http://lazaac.com/blog lazaac

    i want this… :)

  • http://Www.nutral.net Nutral

    I would like to have.one as well :)

  • http://todoriliev.com Todor

    Thanks! In for one :D

  • Ron

    yep, I need inspiration ….

  • http://www.nicpeacock.com/ Nic

    I would love one :)

  • http://magazine.nuefolio.com/ Nagavardhan Raju

    Wish me luck guys ;)

  • wites

    great for inspiration. i want one!

  • gianluca

    great! I’d like to have a copy!

  • http://www.code4psd.com Vitor Neves

    Great book!!!

  • http://www.3xDdesign.com/ Dejan Dujmović

    This book would be an awesome reference and inspiration source when I get stuck in designing process.

  • http://www.missiondata.com Todd Budnikas

    a great source of inspiration. Thanks webappers!

  • http://www.bradmurray.me Crummy

    Very interesting, yes please.

  • http://www.visibility.co.in gaurav

    i belive in inspiration from everything. i want to learn and grow with the help of this book. i wish to win this!!!!!

  • http://www.mauricecalhoun.com Maurice Calhoun

    I would love a copy, thanks in advance.

  • Bruno

    Yes, I want one :)

  • Lothenwar

    These could prove very useful for a webmaster in search of new ideas :)

  • David Rubin

    I’m in!

  • Paul Jarratt

    I’d love a copy, thanks WebAppers!

  • http://irwinj.blogspot.com Jason Irwin

    Sounds like a great book – I’d love to win a copy!

  • http://mlbwebdesign.com Aaron Whittaker

    Looks Awwwesome!

  • Mark

    Sweet, want one! Could use one for some inspiration!

  • http://www.thesisorange.com Jorge Lima

    Im here too!!!

  • http://www.someonecreative.com Eric

    Awesome website + Great content = Great Book. Hope to win.

  • SAurabh

    Would love to have it !!!

  • Pawel

    Why not :)

  • teeaby

    gratings from Romania , i want the book :)

  • Mark

    Great book! I’d like to have one of course!

  • Tobias Tuleby

    Awwwesome! Would be great inspiration for me :)

  • http://strom-im-zoo.de Thomas Apfelbacher

    Good luck to me ;)

  • Tommy

    Could’ve sworn I’ve entered a comment giveaway on this book already. Oh, well. Gimme dat!

  • Ben

    This book is a very interesting lecture for different situations.

    It’s a great source for inspiration!

  • Pavel Bogdanovic

    Please, please. One copy for me. Thanks in advance.

  • jobmeer

    +1 for nice free books. Like one…

  • Frankie

    The book looks awesome! Thanks for the give away

  • http://www.terra2imports.ca Colin Greig

    Awww that’s so sweet of you to offer.

  • EsOsO

    Count me in!!!

  • dhruv patel

    This would be a good inspirational book!

  • bub

    we’re all here hoping to win this free book, y’know?

  • Steven

    Great looking book and a great site I have just stumbled across.

  • Steven

    Great looking book and great site I have just stumbled upon.

  • http://www.mobmedianet.com Ricardo

    A great blog with a great giveaway.
    Keep up the good work.
    You have readers in Venezuela

  • k19s

    Count me in.

  • Rich

    I could use that book for sure. Plus it would be awesome to have a printed copy of some great designs and companies.

  • http://rdmpb.com Anthony La Pusata

    Awwwsome book!

  • martin

    hi there.
    as a regular follower of your blog i´d LOVE to get a free copy of the awwwards book! ;-))

    thanks and have a great day,

  • Lance

    I’d love it!

  • http://modernui.com Patrick

    I’d love a copy. Great work definitely deserves the spotlight.

  • http://mja.lv/ Matiss

    I would like to join in!

  • Regnareb

    I am in !

  • http://www.spotofcolour.co.uk Spotofcolour

    OOOOOO yes please :) Count me in

  • Achilleas

    Great! I am always a sucker for some design inspiration! Hope to win!

  • Kartik

    I wanna win! :)

  • Neo

    I would love to see whats inside. I have seen couple of smilier books published in past. whats is the awesomeness in this one?

  • Ken

    Can I have one of these awesome book? Pleaaaase~

  • http://duxiaoming.tumblr.com nasvel

    This books is really awesome.

  • http://www.kbytes.com.br Fabricio

    Just waiting for my copy… :)

  • Brandon

    Looks like a good book, would be nice to have since i am almost done school

  • http://www.avitela.lt Nerjuz

    I want this book

  • Sandra D

    Great Idea! I like it!

  • Alex

    Great for inspiration! :D

  • http://emanuelfelipe.net Emanuel Felipe

    I’m in.

  • http://pablolarah.cl/ Pablo Lara H

    Great! Count me in!

  • Nik

    awesome stuff! thanks!

  • http://www.lpj.co Roberto

    I want this!!

  • http://Wahrweb.org Roderick

    Wow! As an intermediate web builder of course I’d be very excited to get my hands on that book!!!!

  • http://webstik.com Nick

    I’m in man

  • Simon Kelly

    Looks amazing. Would love to have the print version too!!

  • http://www.digiseo.com digiseo

    Count me in.

  • Toad


  • Alf

    Awwwsome stuff! Cheers.

  • AM

    Looks good.

  • osaru

    Awesome designs!!

  • http://www.yogodoshi.com Cayo Medeiros (yogodoshi)

    Wow, thanks for the book =)


    Another great entry.

  • http://www.rafaelsanchez.com.ve Rafael Sanchez

    thanks for your initiative!!! very good

  • Rohman

    great! thanks : )

  • Id Molotov

    Beautiful and interesting project. Good work !

  • rajaishbt

    Thanks for this wounder full stuff

  • A

    I want this :)

  • http://www.la-quadra.com Gerard

    I want it!

  • http://www.montagraph.com Melih Gümüşçay

    I ‘d like to get a copy, thanks

  • Petr

    I try it too.

  • Eduard

    I would like one of these books too. Thanks & Congratulations for this website ;)

  • SteveO

    Looks great!

  • Noam

    I love books!

  • Xavier

    Hi !
    Pick me, please, pick me !!


  • http://bumpin.com Zeeshan

    seems like a nice book.

  • Flashdumpf

    Woaaah, need one..!

  • http://www.alapeche.be Ced

    I guess my cms would love that book!!

  • Gerald Bossert-Stumvoll

    great, printed webdesign ;-)

  • sun_

    I want it too

  • stormix

    I love IT!!! I want~~~
    Awesome design!

  • http://www.webchase.co.uk Jake

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  • Marc


  • http://twitter.com/a_slyusar AlexanderS


  • Ariel

    I am happy

  • Kay

    Would love to check this book out.

  • Thesebas

    I’m lucky :)

  • http://iodicdesign.com Marko Ranđelović

    Thanks for organizing the giveaway. The book seems great! :)

  • http://www.yellowseed.com Balakrishnan Somasundaram

    just one copy . want to grab it

  • Ksok

    Count me ;)

  • http://fiszer.net Maciej

    Great post! Good luck :)

  • Abhijit

    Looks like an engaging book. Hope I get one!

  • tentam

    I want it too

  • Manuel

    Looks great, hope i get one too

  • http://folk.ntnu.no/rosler Dag Jomar

    Awesome! CSS rules ^^
    Hoping for a book :D

  • http://www.atomum.biz José Padilla

    I want one!

  • http://radleb.net/blog Beldar

    I want one!

  • elmost

    That is very generous of you to offer these free books. I hope I’m part of the lucky draw.

  • http://www.webmasterio.com Iteisaburo

    It looks like an extraordinary source of reference for web design & layout lovers like me.

  • http://www.262media.com Rui Silva

    If I win this book it will never go to shelf :)

  • JP

    Holding fingers to hope I win this book! :D

  • RaineDragon

    Looks like a great book; and a wonderful source of inspiration!

  • Philip

    I want to win

  • Satriya Agus Gunawan

    AWWWAWARD? hmmm… absolutely can’t live without it. Great source of inspiration.

  • Chris crunch

    A superb tool for design reference!

  • J. Shannon

    Looks interesting

  • Jorge Quan

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    Woww, this is so nice!! I wish I get one of those books :)

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    A great collection of digital creation…one of the most interesting I have ever heard of.

  • Martijn Rouwendal

    Would love to get one. Got some other inspiration books at home and they are very helpfull.

  • javier

    Great book!

  • Red Circles

    Hope mine can be featured in that kind of book in the future…^^

  • Michael Farnham

    Hey, thanks for the contest and all of the great articles. Nice having coffee and perusing the site early in the morning.

  • http://rafi.pl RAFi

    This is my comment. Greetings.

  • Ed Dempsey

    I need one!!!

  • http://www.dreamstonemedia.com Tim

    I would find this book a great inspiration for my own work. Hope I get a copy :)

  • benj

    my son is due to be born 18th june so i would love this book to celebrate his birth! Looks like an awesome comparison tool.

  • http://www.wallydavid.com Wally David III

    a winning comment simply left :)

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    I want it too, it’s a great book!

  • Drew

    I would love one! :)

  • Manal Nor

    It is amazing book and i wish be winner of copy of it.
    good luck all

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    inspiration in prints. coming next to my font books. :)
    i would like to get one copy.


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    That ebook is So perfect for me…. pleaaaaseeee !!!!

  • Praveen

    This looks a very interesting book.

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  • Nic Zero

    The awwwards site itself is rather beautiful.

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    Oh wow i am exited
    It would be nice I can show it to my company to buy…

  • The Duke

    What are you waiting for? Christmas?

  • http://www.anglesharp.com Matt L.

    Sounds great, thanks!

  • http://www.creativedrivestudio.com Robert Durish

    Man this book looks awesome would be a perfect next to the .Net Magazine on the coffee table!!! Please pick me!!!!!

  • http://www.creativedrivestudio.com Robert Durish

    Hey why didn’t my avatar show LOL

  • http://www.creativedrivestudio.com Robert Durish

    There it is note to webappers –> convert email to lower case before requesting gravatar :)

  • Beny Walujo

    hope I win that awwwwesome book!

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    Would love a copy of this book.

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    Great giveaway!

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    Definately an interesting book to say the least. ;)

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    This would be great for the Web Dev and Grfx team.

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    Great giveaway!

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    This is an awesome idea :D

  • Abozar

    Hi, I am web designer/developer in Afghanistan, hope to get this book. since there is no any resources here, it would be very useful for me… ;)

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    thanks a ton for this great giveaway!

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    It would be great to win one copie of this great book for inspiration :)

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    Those books will give me more inspiration to develop the websites. Thanks for great offer.

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    The book looks awesome!!

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    yes! give that book or you’ll feel the tiny asian wrath of josh

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    yeah!! very good idea!!

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    Sounds pretty cool. Would love to get a copy.

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    Too great!!!
    I could be the lucky one :D

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  • http://dantecavero.com Dante

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    Just graduated as a multimedia designer – this book would be perfect for me!

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    Did I miss the announcement?

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