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Display Sliding Notifications on Your Website with SlideNote

Posted · Category: MIT License, Popup

SlideNote is a customizable, flexible jQuery plugin that makes it easy to display sliding notifications on your website or in your web application. SlideNote offers a set of options that allow you to modify the behavior and/or content of the script. You can specify how far down the user must scroll before the notification slides into view.

SlideNote is compatible with jQuery 1.4.3 and current versions of major browsers. IE8 is the only version of Internet Explorer that is officially supported.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://slidenote.info/
License: MIT License

  • http://john.do John Saddington

    might just be the slickest thing ever! got a wordpress plugin too!

  • http://tommcfarlin.com Tom McFarlin

    Thanks for covering this – I appreciate it!

  • http://www.hire-phpdeveloper.com Dhru

    Thanks for this jQuery but I want to use it for making quick contact form. I want users can enter their name and email in this sliding form and click submit so I can get email with their name and email. So my question is may I include some textboxs and buttons in this form???

  • http://tommcfarlin.com Tom McFarlin

    Dhru – the plugin supports the ability to do this and even supports Ajax functionality so if you’re comfortable with writing a little bit of JavaScript, it’s absolutely possible.

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