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100+ Free HTML Email Templates with PSD Source Files

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For too long HTML email has been the ugly step-child of the web. It’s time for a change, so Campaign Monitor teamed up with some seriously talented designers to bring their skills to the world of HTML email.

There are 100+ Free HTML Email Templates with PSD source files. Every template has been thoroughly tested in more than 20 of the most popular email clients like Outlook 2010, Gmail, Lotus Notes, Apple Mail, the iPhone, and more. They’re ready to roll and are completely free.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/templates/
License: License Free

  • http://www.webdesigndispatch.com/ Web Design News

    That’s a really nice collection of templates from Campaign Monitor!

  • http://www.pengar-att-tjana.se/ Pengar att Tjäna

    These will come in handy, especially the ones from MetaLab. Thank you!

  • Cosmin

    Nice designs, but I don’t know about the thorough testing…
    Most of them use the ‘background-image’ css property, which is unsupported by email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, Live.

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  • http://www.feathersdesigns.com feathersdesigns

    nice designs!!!!!good stuff!!!

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