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Giveaway 5 x RapidSSL Certificates by SSLmatic

Posted · Category: Announcement

SSL is a web standard for encrypting communications between users and SSL (secure sockets layer) websites. Data is encyrpted when sent via a SSL connection to make it safer.

SSLmatic offers the SSL certificates of the most popular brands like RapidSSL, Geotrust, Verisign for huge discounts. Apart from getting cheap SSL certificates, once the certificate is bought, you also become the customer of the provider which means you can get support directly from the provider itself and/or SSLmatic.

SSLmatic is very kind to giveaway 5 x RapidSSL Certificates to our readers. Simply leave a comment under this giveaway contest. We will pick 5 lucky person and announce the winners on 31st Oct. What are you waiting for?


  • vincent

    yess ssl

  • Santiago

    Nice! … i will totally need SSL to use on a College project!

  • Cassy

    That’s perfect! I really need one and was worried I could not afford to buy it. Thank you.

  • i really need it too, for personal project!

  • Nice contest! Didn’t know RapidSSL until now, but they are definitely more affordable than the ssl-providers in the Netherlands

  • i always wanted an certificate for my websites
    This would be perfect !

  • Lafriks

    Nice :) I want one! :)

  • Great!! I really need one of them! thanks

  • Cool, I want one too :)
    Also, good to know about SSLmatic.

  • Ido Perlmuter


  • galechus

    My comment…:)

  • Maybe I’ll have an alternative to StartCom for the login process for my upcoming project.

  • Alex

    Awesome :D

  • Nelson

    Was looking to purchase a few and never knew this site if the certificates are genuine am sure to get a few.

  • Sweet :)

  • laperla

    That’s a nice price :) , not those 350€ for a verisign certificate :S

  • Wow! Thanks…

  • Wow :) Thanks :)

  • Chm

    Nice xD

  • Florian

    Thanks for this offer!

  • Hy,

    I would love to get an SSL certificate for the Global OpenSource Enterprise CMS TYPO3. For the Main-Domian and all Sub-Domains need a certificate at http://TYPO3.org. That would be real OpenSource Support and SSLmatic would for sure get real Buzz because of over 100.000 project volunteers who would love to have this :)

    Greez Jens

  • Very cool!!! :-)

  • That’s nice.
    Hope to get one because I could really use it.

  • Want it for my company! Please please please! I would appreciate if you choose us! Thanks. It’s for lyrics script

  • didi

    nice idea ! …I’m curious about it.

  • michael mifsud

    Oh! Oh! Oh! Pick me! :D :D

    I was just looking to get my hands on an SSL cert for a new project :)

  • Max

    Can be useful for my new project…

  • SSL cert would be very useful :)

  • RKV

    Wow.. i would like to have one too.. :D

  • Rapid-eraser

    hehe nice giveaway :)
    It’s most useful

  • That would be really useful, nice giveway !

  • Matjaz

    w00t w00t SSLmatic

  • iKarim

    Nice :) Good luck to everyone

  • I would love to pitch in for one of the certificates, but I saw a previous comment whom I think really needs it. I won one of the phpLD licences given out some weeks back and as much as I would to use it for the project (still customizing the application), I think the Typo3 projects needs it more. Though I dont use their software, I have learnt a lot from studying it.

    If in the unlikely event you choose me to win, please pass it on to the Typo3 comment.


  • Stig Christian Aske


  • talv

    yay i want one please :D

  • Karl

    Great contest!

  • Arjan Hagedoorn

    Very nice:) I could really use that

  • I could really use a certificate! I’m just starting a business, and it could really help me!

  • would really appreciate having this giveaway as it will help me save some money up during these tough times

  • Sam

    Perfect timing! Going to need another cert in a couple of weeks.

  • Nice. I need this for my site :)

  • Moe

    Awesome, looking for one!!

  • Rahul Arora

    I really need one of those for the shopping cart on my website http://www.selfscribe.com

  • Petinga

    A SSL Certificate would surely come in handy

  • Choose this tiny tiny comment.

  • xTx

    That is great. Always wanted to have one of those SSL certificates ;-)

  • This would be very useful :P

  • Ryan Dearlove

    Great this will come in handy for my magento ecommerce site. Fingers Crossed.

  • Henry

    Awesome. This would come in handy for one of my site.

  • roxtor

    thanks for hope:)

  • Been looking to get myself a couple of SSL certificates recently, this would be fantastic! Great deal :)

  • easteregg

    sounds quite intresting :D

  • Andy

    I am just setting up my first online store for myself and using free cart software and this would really give me a good start.

    I was looking at the ones my host provides but I can’t afford those.

  • Chris

    Great Deal. i´ll wanna get one :-)

  • Ril

    Ok, let’s try again.. I’m in! :D

  • Guidouil

    I’d love to get picked :D

  • st.


  • Mehow

    My comment…

  • federico

    wow, awsome!

  • mrlami

    I luv rapid ssl…

  • Nice giveaway.
    I would use it for a project that will transfer private data between a destop client and a Website over HTTPS. There is also a shop integrated that handles with private Bank data.

  • virtualme

    Could be very helpful for one of my projects, involving disasters zone in the phili s.

  • Kaio

    Cool, i need this for my site!

  • Antonio

    I need one.. please

  • Nice! I was just thinking about it :)

  • Jedrek

    Free certificates :)

  • Sweet deal. SSLmatic is a good company.

  • Cool, would come in very handy!

  • SSL should be standard on the internet. Great deal.

  • alle

    I’m going to be one of the five? Thanks, anyway.

  • George T.

    Super tare cool!

  • Daniel

    very nice .. :)

  • Jan

    That would be a great thing to protect my users privacy on http://wolow.de. Greetings from Hamburg/Germany!

  • Thumbs up! :)

  • Alex Bingham


  • i will try if i win

  • Monash

    That would be wonderful.

  • Ainou

    Let’s see if I have some luck

  • Cool! I’m interested :)

  • Brent

    Perfect! Just what I needed. I check this site every day!

  • Ramzi

    Great, I could use it in a project of mine :)

  • Ramzi

    I could use it in a project of mine :)

  • I’ll take 5!

  • spirit

    Pick me !! :)

  • asterios

    I love it!

  • Pick me! Pick me!

  • Would love to have a few ssl certs for a new project that I am working on.

  • Man, SSL certs would be a nifty thing for my various eCommerce endeavors!

  • Gunnar

    great giveaway *thumbsup*

  • melz

    Definitely interested in this offer! :D

  • great!
    i need for http://www.boofi.net
    pick me :D

  • Neil Holcomb

    this could come in handy

  • I will need it on my next start up project

  • Xarlie

    This is great!

  • Sure, would love one… could come handy pretty soon!

  • Al Muatasim

    nice… it will be cool to get a free one!

  • Chris

    Gief SSl :D

  • OK, I’m in

  • Tyler

    Go ssl

  • Awsome. Hope I win :-) I could really use this!

  • sam

    Nice i allways wanted a free SSL for my site :)

  • Could use these for some personal projects I’ve been meaning to get to. Maybe this will help motivate me to find the time to work on them.

  • sweet. I’m in.

  • Digivonity

    Glad I always read th WebAppers rss. Now I get a change to get a ssl cert. for free :-)

  • Chris

    Count me in. Who wouldn’t want a free cert?

  • Yuwei

    Nice site xD One of the best resources website for web developers.

  • gief-it-to-me

    gief! :D

  • rand() winner… ;)

  • I need an SSL certificate in the next month, I would would a RapidSSL certificate, Thanks!

  • Terrafx

    Cool. This will help on a mini project I’m working on

  • Addamz

    I’m in now :)

  • jason macdonald

    I’m in the process of building a social site and can make use of this offer.

  • Amazing. I’d like to have one.

  • Dennis

    Magnificent! We could use it for one of our new customers.

  • jeff

    SSL me. :)

  • Super neat.

  • Cool, we have tried to have a certificate for our piwik server under à cobar raq550 under blueonyx by dyndns … but it never recognize the host and dyndns never could explain why : hope that this firm can help us to secure our piwik installation.

  • hagai

    random comment

  • Thomas

    Thats nice. I could really use one. Wish you all luck :)

  • could really use this for my very very small low budget hosting business! thanks

  • Wow, that’s much cheaper than the competitors!

  • Jen Perkins

    I would love this!

  • Jon

    Would love to win :)

  • Would love to win!

  • Austin

    Security. The net that holds the internet together. Yes please.

  • Tom

    SSL for my new app would be most excellent.

  • SineSquareSaq

    Thi’d be so useful for my new synth building project.

  • Sahan

    SSL for my web site :)

  • david

    ssl yes!

  • Lester Guidry

    Getting this would be a great capability for me to be able to use.

  • Nik

    awesome prize!! much needed!

  • i need ssl for some projects

  • Beny

    Sign me up! :)

  • ZaF

    Would love to win this :)

  • DaKo

    Awsome. Hope I win.

  • Oh my god, Very nice if i have once

  • great success

  • it would be nice if i get it …
    go go go SSLmatic ..
    any i would like if they can support payment gateway other than paypal .. :(

  • mmartinovich


  • Zeke

    it’s cheap to buy one, but it would be nice to have another website secured..

    I hope I win…

    having an SSL Enabled Web Site can make my developments and testings into a production level and ease of time testing

  • Jalal Eddin Omary

    Thank you very much,

    Hope that i get one of them :)

  • pbo

    Niceness :)

  • Victor

    great site… I could use one of these.
    Thanks and good luck to all!

  • Rick

    $20 for an ssl cert is killer. It’s a smart promotion.

  • k19s

    Hi, great giveaway please count me in


  • Mihai P

    Very useful.

  • I totally need this!

  • Matt L.

    Sweet, thanks!

  • Zed3

    Could use it for ticketing system I’m using right now

  • Fourat


  • TC2010

    This is awesome, cheap but reliable SSL

  • nkts

    would be very useful

  • Bob

    Now thats great! I say bring it on :)

  • Lennard

    I like it!

  • Recently created a website for someone that makes and sells handmade cards this will be really helpful to help put the trust into there customers :). *Crosses Fingers*

  • Count me in…

  • d0k

    in SSL we trust!

  • Omar Khan

    wow so kewl.. SSL a dream come true.. wow i am soo excited. I will be planning a shopping website soon.. great

  • i want to get one,thanks for your news

  • Jimmy On

    This is awesome, add me to the list!

  • What a coincidence, in the morning i was thinking about buying SSL certificate for testing purposes, and now I’m reading, that I can have one for free! Sure I want one.

  • riksi

    pick me pick me

  • Perfect timing… I need SSL certificates.

  • Always in need of SSL certs! Pick Me!

  • Eddie

    I really need one. If you pick me, i may buy some more. 0:-)

  • cool, I’d love a cert! checking out your ssl website, thanks..

  • Alex

    it would be really useful. i’m in.

  • It will be the happiest moment of my life when get picked as winner. :)

  • Jeroen

    nice :)

  • hsTedd

    An SSL Certificate would be terrific.

  • i really need it too, for personal project!

  • Mahd

    That would be a nice compliment!

  • Me want. :P

  • SSL is such a scam. Security should be really be part of the network. Well, it is not and they sell it. Ok I can live with it. But why does SSL certificate has to expire?

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