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Easy To Use jQuery Plugin For Radical Web Typography

Posted · Category: Fonts

Web Typography is exploding all over the web. In many instances we would need to style individual letters. We need a system to keep our markup maintainable. Something agile enough that a text change wouldn’t ruin us.

The solution was to call upon the power of Javascript to insert some easy to remember span tags. Here we have Lettering.JS which is a lightweight, easy to use jQuery plugin for radical Web Typography.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://daverupert.com/2010/09/lettering-js/
License: WTFPL License

1 Comment
  • Thanks for posting this.

    Very helpful post, thanks for sharing. As a Junior web designer, just starting out at Creare Communications this will be very useful.

    Are there any similar plugins to this that do other things?


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