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How to Create Sliding Checkbox Actions Menu with jQuery

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In tutorial: Sliding Checkbox Actions Menu with jQuery, we will create an actions menu with jQuery that appears when checkboxes are selected. This can be a very helpful UI property since we don’t force the user to scroll to the place where the actions are – they just appear whenever the user needs them.

Additionally, the user can drag the actions box to the place that is more practical for him, and the box will always follow when the user scrolls the page. It will also show a count of how many checkboxes were selected.

Usually, actions are placed at the top and the bottom of a table, and that’s OK if the table is not too big. But since we cannot control the size of the user’s viewport, it is not guaranteed that the actions are close to the users focus. With this solution we make it very easy for the user to perform certain actions on selected items.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://tympanus.net/Tutorials/CheckboxActions/
License: License Free

1 Comment
  • This is really useful, especially when creating things like admin panel user interfaces where they can be long lists of check boxes.

    I’ll certainly be trying this one out – thanks :)

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