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Giveaway 3 x Professional Licenses of FusionCharts v3

Posted · Category: Announcement

FusionCharts helps you create animated and interactive Flash charts for web and desktop applications. It livens up your applications by converting monotonous data into exciting visuals. FusionCharts offers over 45 types of 2D/3D charts including line, area, bar, column, pie, doughnut (donut), combination, scatter, bubble, scroll charts etc.

FusionCharts Free is a completely free and open-source Flash charting component. It aims to fulfill your basic charting needs with a very commonly used set of charts, having the necessary but basic features. The product is completely free with no gimmicks and no hidden pitfalls. Its features however are a lot limited than FusionCharts v3.

FusionCharts v3, on the other hand, provides you advanced charting options like exporting chart as image/PDF, gradients, 3D lighting, better animation with an easy way for building your own animation styles, exporting chart data as CSV/XML, in-built debugger, enhanced AJAX support and advanced filter effects like shadow, blur and bevel which you can apply to the various chart elements. It also provides advanced chart types like true 3D charts, scroll charts, glass-effect column charts, dual Y-axis charts to name a few.

FusionCharts is very kind to giveaway 3 x Professional Licenses ($499 each) of FusionCharts v3 to our readers. Simply leave a comment and tell us what you love most about FusionCharts and one improvement that should be made to it. We will randomly select 3 lucky people and announce the winners on 28th March. What are you waiting for?


24-03-2010 UPDATE: FusionCharts are pretty overwhelmed with the insights they have got from your valuable comments. Now, they would love to give out 5 Professional Licenses instead of the 3 we had earlier announced!

  • It’s awesome. Great giveaway. I think it doesn’t need any improvement.

  • Ril

    There should be some more options to customize charts, for example, axis description.

    It’s very easy to connect charts with data from stock exchange.

  • Gael

    We will use fusion chart for our gantt diagram. The result is just incredible!

  • It is awesome! I want it!

  • My improvement: import data from databases (ex. mysql) :)
    most i love the nice looking world maps.

  • Odd Rune

    I love that FusionCharts is so very, very, easy to use. I replaced an old and ugly graph-solution with FusionCharts in under a day, and the resulting page was awsome!

    A suggestion for improvement – make it a tad easier to generate static jpegs. You might have done something about that already though, it’s been a few months since I last used it.

  • yak

    3d graph with rotation and animation are just awesome!

  • craig

    I am hoping to win a license of Fusion Charts as it has all the features and functions that i need.

    I work in sales and regularly meet up with clients. My job includes making professional presentations in support of business proposals. I rely on Powerpoint mostly to create slides that incorporate charts and graphs but these are quite static displays.
    I was looking for an alternative way to spruce up my presentations and got to know about Fusion Charts from WebAppers site. I really liked the Fusion Charts website because it is very superbly layout for easy reference, has many eye catching features and excellent information on the software available.
    The best feature I like about Fusion Charts v3 is that it gives me the flexiblity to easily create stunning & dynamic 3D graphs & charts from raw data that other software is unable to do. This will certainly boost & increase my chances to close deals and increase sales.
    It would be nice to have some portable version of it for carrying on a usb stick in case i forgot to bring my laptop and use another pc/laptop.

  • Love it. It’s packed full of features and mostly I like the look and feel of the charts (This is what the user will appreciate after all). One thing they can change: not ask for my personal details before giving me the download link to the open-source version. Cheers.

  • Piotr Soluch

    I love the slice out animation in pie charts. And everything else as well!
    I would like few more demos of FusionCharts on the website.

  • Clarence

    Nice! Suggest that they develop basic qualitative charts as well.

  • I like the helpful documentation and the mixes between Flash and Javascript. What I would like would be nice degradation using Javascript if user doens’t have the Flash plugin (without the animation for example) and be even able to provide a static image as substitute if user has neither Flash nor Javascript. It would be much better than all or nothing.

  • ctv

    That’s easy and cool! A beautiful way to show stats.

  • Shahdan

    I’ve use the FusionCharts Free for my previous project. My client really like it as they can produce a very nice flash chart. For them to give the free version is really a very kind to us(web programmer). Documentation for the Free version also very easy to understand and follow. About the improvement. Maybe you can make integration for other PHP Framework such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, etc.. Overall, it is a great piece of work. Thank you so much you guys :) Cheers..

  • I’ve used a lot of graphing plugins and this is by far the most straightforward to integrate yet visually appealing for our client.

  • BreathLess

    The most adequate development, reliable, unified, does not require additional improvements. Cool!
    Sorry for my English, I’m Russian.

  • Cédric Ragot

    When presenting a project to a potential customer, FusionCharts are very often the Eye Candy of our pages. They are not only well designed, they’re gorgeous.
    We saw recently that some european maps were improved. We needed that. Thanks a lot.

  • i’ve used the free version of FusionCharts and it’s unbeliveble how simply is to implement and embed even if there was a complicated flux of data.


  • I love fusion charts! I looked at purchasing it previously but just don’t have the funds. It’s incredibly flexible and provides fantastic charts! Would love to finally get my hands on this thing!

  • I’ve used the FusionCharts before.. maybe 3-4 years ago. I was developing a desktop software in Visual Basic I think.. and from all the third party software only the FusionCharts was appropriate for my needs.. Amazing components.. Now I understand that there is also a free version, so I will try it imediately.. Unfortunately the software before 3-4 years was unsuccessful for the company and they canceled, but I have really really loved this easy to use software. THanks

  • Its a great product. I have used it a couple of time and I really like how its works. There are other products in the market but Fusionchart is the topmost as its easy to implement. The visualization is great and there is a great documentation about how to use it with different programing language so a starter developer can also implement this very easily and quickly in any project.


  • Ido Perlmuter

    I love the CSV/XML export feature, this could be very useful. I think there should be more chart types however.

  • Furqan Rydhan

    Fusion charts is one of the most polished packages i’ve worked with. The only improvement area I’d like to see is moving towards HTML5 canvas as an option to render the graphs (or even possibly SVG).

  • Very nice giveaway, count me in on that :) Well with the Ruby on Rails support you got me covered

  • Fusion Charts’ helps me succeed in my business. Its user friendliness is unbeatable! I am delighted that it really helps me serve my clients and users even better, presenting practical data that they can use to solve their problems.

    We work with health research managers and health ministries in poor countries. Thanks to the usefulness of Fusion Charts, we can help them gather and present information that helps them improve the lives of people in their countries.

    Its look and feel pleases the user. How do we know? We regularly receive comments from our users, who are impressed with its look and feel and impressed with its animation features.

  • Gustavo

    I righly recommend Fusion Charts to everybody because it is not just simple graphs in Flash. It makes every graph a presentation! Count me on that. AS a improvement, I would like to see it in Jquery / Silverlight flavours. Sorry about my English (I am from Brazil). Thanks!

  • Adam

    Fusion charts is an awesome product, very simple to use and looks great!

  • I like it simply because it is easy to implement! and I have an idea in my mind, like if the client don’t have flash installed, Fusion will show a simple chart instead with an alert to install flash player!


  • Todd P

    Big fan of Fusion Charts. Would love to have a copy of the pro version as it has always met my development needs for the web apps I have work on. Tried other packages but this one is by far delivered the best results.

  • Hi together,

    I’m working with FusionCharts and I have to say that these charts are very flexible and we can use it with EXTJS! Thats very important for us.

    Also the employees of FusionCharts are very friendly, we were talking at the cebit ;)

    One thing to improve is that the multiaxis charts should support trendlines and trendzones.

    All in all, good job! :)
    Cheers Nathalie

  • Carlos

    Awesome giveaway! the free version it’s unbeliveble!

  • I think I could integrate it with my application’s reporting functionality creating as well a nice case study.

  • Simple looking charts which are easy to interpret for the viewers and powerful to control for us, the developers.

  • Rick

    just leaving a comment…!

  • Jan


    I’m using this powerful and beautiful tool in my current web app (statistic stuff). It’s powerful because of its richness of chart types, settings and options and, well.. there are no charts which look better than FusionCharts? :)

    I’d like to see more technical tools like xml schema files. A complete xsd support for all charts can increase the quality of “my” provided and generated xml data. Perhaps, some built-in and common xsl files rendering simple xml data sets could help the next developers. Not least because of a missing divide between layout and the actual data..

  • all your license are belongs to me

    FusionCharts is pretty good and expensive.
    It will be nice to win a real license so I can get rid of the Evaluation headers.

  • I always use the FusionCharts chart as a tool in my project without it I do not live.

  • go

    it’ll be very useful for my applications

  • SahanZ

    Easy to implement, free version is great, but V3 is the best :P

  • Antoine

    What I love is the ability to generate wonderful gantt charts and what I would expect is a full UTF-8 support.

  • I have really been waiting for this! I create many web apps relating to statistics and have always wanted to use Fusioncharts. Hope I’m the lucky one! :-)

  • check

    Would love a license!

    Really like the general look./feel of the charts. I suppose the best improvement i could suggest woudl be to provide a liquid width/height option, so the charts grow and shrink with available space

  • This product is highly polished, and I would be surprised if there still were more functions to put in there. However I downloaded the free version and fiddled a little with the XML code and it seems to me that I can suggest a feature from the getcgo. (atleast I cannot see it’s possible). I would like for the possibility to disable the Y-axis. I see that the showNames parameter can disable the X-axis, however I cannot disable the Y it seems.

    Why would I need this, to create microcharts so that I only display “trends” and move the focus away from the accual numbers in the chart – visually lovely or not.

    Next month I will be in the process of incorporating a dashboard in our products, and after looking at several presentation available on the net from dashboard creators my attention was drawn against microcharts. It might be overkill to have full-blown flash-microcharts, but I don’t see a reason why not. After all clicking the microchart I could easily display a larger version with all the eye candy.

    So thats my improvement – microcharts option (NO X- or Y-axis). If it already exists, I would mutate my idea to letting this option stand out better in the documentation as I didn’t see it, :)

    What do I love about FusionCharts – highly polished, extensive documentation and examples. All in all a very good product for professionals.

  • David Rubin

    I’d love to try this out. The pricing structure does seem a bit complicated when I look at the dreamweaver developer pricing.

  • Antonio Garza

    I test the free charts, realy easy to use, greates animations, the 3d charts are fantastic.. customizable 100%

    I really love this product..!

  • Please do count me in. I’d love to try it out. My suggestion: 1. I think they need to have very attractive website where they are promoting it, eight now the website looks very old fashioned. 2. I am not that happy with their pricing structure.. :)


  • Victor

    Great product. Technology agnostic and a great set of functionality, especially its javascript API is what love the most about.

    Please continue working on your javascript functionality. Ideally I want to move away from any charting specific code in the backend.

  • kyle

    As a developer I’ve been giving the fun task of “we need graphs”, and this product will hopefully fill that role with ease.

  • Paul Corey

    I’ve used Fusion Charts Free for about a year now.

    I enjoy the PHP class as it makes it very easy to create charts from information stored in MySql.

    The only option that I would like to see added is an axis based on time whose range changes with the given time stamps. I’m not sure if this is included in the commercial version or not though.

  • Julian Scarfe

    FusionCharts has been great for me when working with financial/investment services clients, for whom up-to-date charts are a critical communication strategy. The visual XML generator is evolving nicely.

    The one critical project that I believe FusionCharts could develop is some kind of ajax/dynamic embedding/CSS routine that would auto generate (post-loading of the Flash) a JPEG and insert it in a screen-hidden/print-shown DIV alternate to the flash content. Ordinary users expect to be able to print a web page and have the charts show up.

  • These are definitely easy to use and sexy. I wonder if they will work in my Flash CS5 iPhone app. =)

  • Bob Marley

    This program is so cool! It would be so awesome to win a professional license of it! Imagince, live, dynamic, and 3D charts on my website that would be so cool!

  • Adam Elder

    Would like to see a smooth and clean interactive slider for the x axis minimum and maximum range (date or number) on line graphs, as seen in google finance.

  • Rick St Jean

    I love that it can be used on multiple platforms.

  • FusionCharts, maps and gadgets are the best package to show graphic data, at work we are traying the free version with sharepoint to sync lists and fusioncharts. But FusionChart are the BEAST.


  • Neal Feierabend

    I’ve used FusionCharts in past projects and it is a lovely little bit of code. The best part I found was its ease of use and the ability to customize just about anything you see on the chart.

    One improvement I would love to see would be the ability to turn on “smart” labels of sorts…ones that would adapt to the chart. We were building a web application that let users create custom charts, but one issue we had was that labels would start overlapping and becoming illegible pretty quickly. It would be great if the labels could have avoidance built in and even switch to showing just on hover if they become too crowded even with avoidance. Thanks!

  • Mark

    Fantastic for Dashboards and “flashing lights” all Marketing People love (But developers hate :)) Would love to see more examples on the site.

  • Dave Lyons

    Best looking charts, haven’t tried to implement so can’t comment on that.

    What it needs is maybe some “pick n choose” options for purchase. What I mean is that there is 1 or 2 charts in different packs that might be needed but you have to buy all the packs to get those few that you need but are paying for way more that you don’t need. This alone keeps me from really using it. In todays economy the customer only wants to buy what’s needed and so far every client I have sent shown them too has opted for something else due to that reason.

  • Andy Udovich

    Love the product. I would recommend making it so that you can import data through a mysql connection.

  • Innovative and easy to use. Love the 3D graphs!

  • Great product. Easy to use and tons of features. What I suggest is a shrink feature for charts based on available space. That would be awesome.

  • Peter H

    Great product. I used it to chart log events once. I can’t think of anything that it’s missing.

  • We are looking at some reporting platforms, and we have found some interesting tools. One is FusionCharts.

    We will let you know how it shaped up against the others – so far it is looking very promising.

  • Fusion charts is great product when I need to showcase trends and categories for my research.

    I love the various chart options it provides especially 3d pie charts that provides depth to my presentations.

    being able to exand the use XML schemas would be a great plus.

  • WoW! This is good. This is really good! Believe it or not, all week I’m Googling about getting same advanced Charts, Interactive and Advanced like F.C.v3 which is exactly what I really need. I’m making great web app that I really, but desperately need something like this. “On-a-side, my question is-If I don’t ween is there any discount?Please?” Thanks Web Appers for another AWESOME Giveaway!

  • Manny Sanchez

    Seems cool

  • Dan


    I tried Fusion Charts and found them nice to work with & flexible to program in the XML. However the pricing and licencing is ridiculous, so I gave up on implementing their product seriously, as far to costly, and went with Amcharts.com which does effectively the same thing and is 6.5 times cheaper for the site version.

  • Been followig Fusion Charts for a long time and would love the ability to implement it into our company backend. Very good software…

  • Love: FusionCharts takes the anguish out of formatting charts, and speeds up the work of reporting rather than becoming a slave to the process. It is a superior solution for clients that I have recommended it to that have purchased it. Can’t afford a pro version myself, and would love to use it for some non profits I manage.

    1 Improvement:
    A chart building wizard. If there was a wizard that could walk you through the construction process, connect to the database, and select tables and data ranges, I think FusionCharts would become the one to beat for all the other solutions out there. This is the #1 request I recieve from clients.

  • FusionCharts is one of the best Chart Flash app I know. I love the nice effects and the stylish design!!

  • Best one out there. As for improvements, I think a builder will be nice to have it. Cheers!

  • I am Sanket from the FusionCharts team. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments, and for pointing out what we can improve. We are all ears to it, and will definitely look at everything you have suggested.

    @Ril: We have a number of options for changing the axis description that you can check out in complete details at http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/AttDesc/Titles.html

    @Xarem: We do allow pulling data from database. We just leave the implementation to you, so that you can use the charts/maps the way you want. is there anything in specific you are looking for?

    @Odd Rune: We allow you to export the charts as JPEGs. A demo here: http://www.fusioncharts.com/Demos/ExportChart/

    @craig: We have also come out with a charting add-in for PowerPoint called oomfo. It’s free and you can download it from http://oomfo.com

    @Piotr: Any specific demo that you are looking for?

    @Clarence: Any examples? Links?

    @Joseph, @Shahdan, @developar, @Jan, @check, @Julian: Thanks for your inputs. We will definitely look into them.

    @Niki: We have also come out with FusionCharts for VB, probably that could help you — http://www.fusioncharts.com/VB

    @Ido: Any chart types specifically?

    @Furqan Rydhan: We have started work on an HTML5 version as well.

    @Gustavo: Very timely comment :) We just released a jQuery plugin for FusionCharts Free, which as the name says is absolutely free to use — http://www.fusioncharts.com/jquery

    @Nathalie: Nice to know we are friendly :) We will definitely look into your suggestion.

    @Kim: I guess we have what you are looking for: http://www.fusioncharts.com/widgets/Gallery.asp#spark

    @Kevin S: Pls send in your suggestions to me at sanket[at]fusioncharts[dot]com both on the website and pricing — would love to hear them.

    @Paul: Why don’t you get in touch with me at sanket[at]fusioncharts[dot]com and we could discuss this further? At your convenience, of course :)

    @Adam: We are working on something like that for our next version, FusionCharts v4. Would let the world know when we come out with it :)

    @Vladimir: Let’s discuss this at sanket[at]fusioncharts[dot]com :D

    @James: Slightly long I would say but thanks for the suggestion. Would definitely bounce it with the team.

    Sorry Ray for cluttering your comment stream with my “sales-speak” but I just thought if there are some things we provide (free or paid), it might be good to point them out. Apologies again.

  • Super nice graphs! It would be nice if it were a lot cheaper though. That prevents a lot of people from being able to use it. Maybe they could make a lite version that’s free? Or – even better – an open source version?

  • I was given a quick demo this morning of the product, and it is very impressive. It will certainly wow the marketing and sales folks which is who we all like to please, right? :)

  • Beny

    Beautiful charts! I’ve been using pchart for my charting needs but this looks great!

    improvement: better pricing on educational organization! :)

  • Khaled

    I’m working on a webapp, which uses many kinds of charts, I’ve done a research for a good charting product and found FusionCharts is pretty much what I want. My only problem is the price which I’d like to have a free pro license :)

  • alle

    Would love it!

  • Its really cool :)

  • Nothing so much to tell about FusionCharts, its best of the best.

  • Alejandro

    Great Charts and I agree they should come up with some kind of wizard, but I like the integration with Oracle APEX.

    Great tool.

  • Greg Pagendam-Turner

    Fusion charts brings my data to life!

  • Matjaz

    Simple, free, fusion!

  • Shishant Todi

    I just visited fusion charts website and here is the giveaway.

    The beauty of it cant be ignored and I would love to include it in my apps as a beginner freelancer low on funds to buy a license.

  • dennis

    FusionCharts are visually appealing and the selection of charts is great. Two improvements/recommendations: better explanation on differences between FusionCharts, FusionWidgets and PowerCharts on the website. Partner with online database supplier such as Caspio, Iceberg, for beginners / as an easy starting-point.

  • Danie

    Great Giveaway

    It will be useful if I get this FusionCharts.

  • Nigel Hulls

    A fantastic charting library

  • FusionCharts is extremely high quality charting library. The free one also had high quality.
    I really enjoy using their product. They had complete charting collections, but they are missing one important kind of chart type, the OLAP chart.

  • What a pity that you don’t giveaway FusionMaps. Anyway I need FusionCharts as well … :)

  • Angela

    I love FusionCharts’ animation. Just switched from an old (and boring) charting tool to Fusion. The documentation is great but I do wish they have a handy search feature on their site.

  • I have used MS Chart Controls and I think it is powerful and simple and an other good reason is MS Chart Controls totally free.

    I know that Fusion charts also a very good solution for charting. Want to have it free :)

  • Toad

    Easy, simple to implement. Awesome product!

  • Best are the possibilities to style the charts in any kind. Yet they should add native JSON support.

  • Ali Murat Ceylan

    Thank you Webappers, I want it!

  • This is just what I need for http://tweetmysong.com to give users the ability to see stats on there listens!!!! Please Pick Me!

  • I have used Fusioncharts for flex to create a Weather page for my website. I honestly haven’t seen such a nice Weather Widget as the example of Pallav Nadhani. Absolutely great !!! My problem is, it works fine on my local PC but it doesn’t work on the Web, see http://www.saheliway.com/WeatherWidget.html. My suggestion is more documentation on deploying to Web and special hosting requirements if needed, otherwise obsolutely fantastic !!!

  • thgab

    FusionCharts is very useful.

  • Alphyon

    Nice tool ! Simple and powerful !

  • I use free version on my project. It’s very simple to use with a XML. I hope for UTF-8 support and SVG export.

  • Sanket, the software you have literally saves my team endless hours of calculation. We are now able to track employee performance, speed tests, accuracy levels etc all with the help of your software. The graphs are extremely visually appealing. We have also received great feedback from our clients who have viewed our internal reports.

    If this could be Iphone or Blackberry compatible I would never need to come to the office again!


  • Murat

    hi there,

    I never used this product but it certainly looks interesting, I had a quick look at the demos and it looks nice and displays the the data inway that it makes easier to read.

    if I would suggest one improvement (and I dont know if it is already have this functionality), may be some charts could be dragable to change the input value, so it would make business decision making charts more interactive.

  • I have downloaded a Flex Wheather Widget done by Pallav Nadhani using Fusioncharts for Flex. It is the best weather widget I could find and I did search for hours on the Web. This widget is working perfectly on my PC but not on the Web. It does not load the the weather data nor the widgets see: http://www.saheliway.com/WeatherWidget.html. I really am interested in this product but would first see that I can make it work on my website as this product does not come cheap! Otherwise awsome !!!

  • What to say? FusionChats works like a charm. It is usefull and I know where I can use it in a second.

  • JustRAM

    I’ve already used the free version, great library.
    Maybe some more interactivity (filtering in place, …).

  • I love this charting tools, It provides you with what you need in a clean smart way.

    Also it has a great animation.

  • yakin works

    Dealing with different clients, charts always comes up, and to have something available that offers this many capabilities would be a great tool.

    Good luck to all.

  • Powerful tool, I intend to use it on my signature website.

  • dude

    Using the product for long time. but never could afford them.

  • I love FusionCharts.. i already use it.. very easy to integrate.. and great and clean animation

    Very good tools

  • @Garrison: We do have a free AND open-source version called FusionCharts Free. Check it out at http://www.fusioncharts.com/free

    @David: Right :D

    @Beny: We do offer educational discounts. Pls get in touch with me at sanket[at]fusioncharts[dot]com and I will be glad to give you more details on it.

    @Shishant: You might want to check out out FOSS offering, http://www.fusioncharts.com/free

    @Dennis: Yes better explanation of the products is needed. We are trying http://www.fusioncharts.com/flash which differentiates the products visually, or so we think :)

    @Lucien144: Charting is more generic and needed by more people, so :) But you never know. We might use your suggestion to do a FusionMaps giveaway as well soon.

    @Angela: Agreed.

    @professional website design: We are incorporating that in our next version, FusionCharts v4, expected Q3 this year.

    @array81: We do have UTF-8 support and export to JPEG/PNG in our paid version.

    @Gaurav: Thanks a ton. Made my day :) If only iPhone opens its doors to Flash. But we have started work on a HTML5 version as well.

    @Murat: We do have dragable charts exactly the way you want. http://www.fusioncharts.com/powercharts/charts/dragable/

    @JustRAM: Thanks for the suggestion. Will bounce it with the team.

  • I love FusioanCharts.

    My recommendation is to make is easier to integrate for beginners.

  • Hello !!! I want that ! It would be perfect in my app! Thanks !

  • Fusion chart are most dynamic charts as i hav ever seen !
    too good and attractive .
    i have use it’s free version for personal use.

  • Stig Christian

    FusionCharts are great! I would love a license!

  • Santiago

    Professional presentation at my university and awesome improvement showing work!

  • Pilu

    I love FusionCharts! I’m using FusionCharts Free for a while with php and it’s great. I’ve tested a lot of other flashchart solutions but FusionCharts is the first running without problems.

    One Improvement could be a easier access to database-query-results for direct output as a chart.

  • FuZZ

    This is NEAT! :)

    Json support would be nice feature to have…

  • Festő

    It is easy to use and integrate.I have lots of possibility.

    improvement: It should include other countries languages in maps… (Europe)
    Or easy to improve/replace it… (Region names…)

  • Ray Cheung

    FusionCharts are pretty overwhelmed with the insights they have got from your valuable comments. Now, they would love to give out 5 Professional Licenses instead of the 3 we had earlier announced!

  • Julie M

    thank you for the opportunity to win… a feature that would pretty much make my boss wet himself would be a right click export to PowerPoint option that pastes it in as an editable PowerPoint chart object vs save as jpeg, png or pdf

  • Loved this charting tool.
    have been using it on a lot of client’s websites before.
    some clients even bought licenses too ;)

    my suggestion is for them to have a quick generator interface which can import data from csv or muti-line text files and then generate the charts.

    FC Rocks! :)

  • steven

    It’s a great software! If the chart type, content data, and display format could be changed dynamically on client side (BI based). Or maybe drag and drop features, combining two charts into one….

    It would be the coolest chart ever.

  • Julie M

    please note that in my comment above, I meant to say “in addition to” not “vs” i.e., one or the other. I definitely think the save as jpeg, png, pdf is a nice feature.

  • Ivelin Salabashev

    It is most beautiful among other flash charts and have lots of chart types.

  • amazing.
    my suggested improvement is related to fusion maps; I think it would be very useful the ability to create custom maps overlaid to an image (yes, I know you offer this as an additional service, but…)

    congratulations from Spain

  • i have been using FC for around 3 yrs and i am still loving it. however, one improvement that i would like to propose is as follows:
    create a backend tool which will act as a bridge between FC and database. the user will have to select two columns from database tables that will act as values of X-axis and Y-axis. FC should generate the chart automatically using the data in those selected table columns.

    i have another suggestion – create a sort of config.xml file using which we can control global settings for ALL charts including db username and password.

    keep up the good work:)

  • I have used it for customer projects in teh past. Great lib of charts and easy to integrate via direct data, xml or dynamic calls. Cheers

  • For me FusionCharts has nice, stylish flash charts and it’s easy to use.

  • Bryan M

    I love the flexibility, and many ways to visualize data that fusioncharts provides. More and more businesses are beginning to understand the importance of data and analytics from websites and webapps. The only thing I can think of to improve the product would be to continue to add more chart styles to the already robust selection.

    I would LOVE to win a license so that I can implement fusioncharts into my designs!

  • Sanj

    simple, easy to and customisable – what do you need?

  • @Sanket Nadhani (FusionCharts Team)

    Thanks for your help in clearing a few of the qestions people are having, I must have missed theese sparklines and bullet graphs. I did play around with the bullet graph, looking at the parameters in the XML same goes here. I cannot seem to remove the labels and Y axis (I might have to download the documentation to verify this).

    So while theese are close to what I am looking for, they still don’t fly very well as I am needin plain graphs without numbers at all. Just the trend line, no X or Y axis. If theese charts in V3, or V4 for that matter – can already do this I am suddenly that much more interestet in this product. Needles to say I was googling an hour or so last week looking for microcharting capabilities without any luck (that is, I found some 2005’ish libraries for PHP and PHPGD).

    Thanks for pointing out theese examples though, they are pretty close to what I am looking for though. I expect the animation speed is also possible to tweak – as the bullet graphs was to much eye candyand to little informative when you launch a few of theese on screen (in my humble opinion, howeve I guess the point of this comp is to get opinions, :) It’s like transitions in TV, you don’t use 5 seconds to switch from 1 scene to another – you chosse a 1 sec transition – quick – nice – does the job.

  • thank for sharing good give way i just got it.

  • Andrew C

    I have always wanted this, just never enough money to get it.

    Love: ease of use
    Improvement: us/world maps with geo location plotting

    fingers crossed!

  • Ajay Chadha

    There is no doubt that FusionCharts is the best flash charting solution provider however there is one feature that is must have to call it a perfect flash charting & graphing application and that feature is ‘auto-resize’ facility. Fusion charts do not auto-resize according to the container. They required fixed width and height in pixels. I’d appreciate if they can implement width=”100%” so that chart’s width automatically resize to the container.

  • I really like Fusion charts because it’s really easy to work with, we can configure it and make a chart live in a few minutes.

    The thing I would suggest to improve is a more flexible way to configure drill downs so I we can use it with some data warehouses implementations.

  • Matthew A

    Ive been using FusionCharts with Coldfusion for a few months now. Been developing Custom Tags to use to help make using FusionCharts even easier to use, even though they make it pretty darn easy already.

    I would like to see better option to display as an image (PNG, JPG, etc) instead of flash. They have export options, but it just seems like it could be made a little easier.

  • MiloSz

    FusionCharts are great. It’s a nice piece of work and many innovations. Biggest problem is the price/licence. On about 5-6 my private websites could be nice to use a few charts using FusionCharts, but… So you can improve price/licence. Maybe some separate licence for non business websites?

  • Gary Brown

    A very fine product. Needs more advertisement.

  • @Kamran Arasteh – It is easy to integrate :) We also have a tool for making simple charts that you can check out at: http://www.fusioncharts.com/Demos/GUI/Index.html

    @Julie: We have come out with an add-in for PowerPoint called oomfo using which you can create the charts in PowerPoint using a simple GUI. You can check it out at http://oomfo.com

    @fedmich: We do have one at http://www.fusioncharts.com/Demos/GUI/Index.html

    @steven: You can do that using Javascript. An example you might like: http://www.fusioncharts.com/Demos/JS/Index.html

    @sourabh: Thanks for the great ideas. I will surely talk them out with the dev team.

    @Bryan: Do you mean more chart types or more customization options?

    @Kim Steinhaug: I would be happy do discuss this further with you. Why don’t you send me a mail at sanket[at]fusioncharts[dot]com?

    @Federico: What specifically are you looking for?

    @Matthew: Yes we are looking into that.

    @Gary: Thanks for lettin us know that. Probably we should do more contests like this :)

  • Would there be a javascript/canvas fallback, it would be possible to use FusionCharts when targetting iPhone and iPad users who don’t have Flash. I think it’s becoming more and more important now that so much people use their iPhone to browse the web. It would also help for Linux or Mac users whose Flash plugin doesn’t work as well as on Windows.

  • Jan

    Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for FC, there is no html5/canvas chart framework with these level of features on the market right now. You should think about it ;)

  • What I Love : If you buy the enterprise version, you get the source. Opensource FTW !

    Improvement / feature I’d like : FC and ExtJS playing together. ExtJS got some charts [1], but I’m not very happy with them (even if ExtJS is a great library). Since there’s already a data->chart infrastructure [2], you could add your charts (creating your own ‘xtype’) so it will supplant the default ones easily.

    [1] http://www.extjs.com/deploy/dev/examples/chart/charts.html
    [2] http://www.extjs.com/deploy/dev/examples/chart/pie-chart.js

  • Displaying Complex Data in an easy and intuitive way has never been easier as FusionCharts Free is available. I really like to use it every day.

    But one issue i’m missing the most: Printing HTML with FusionCharts.

    Hopefully this feature will be added soon, because this is the “One and Only” limitation I know.

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