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Automatic Image Rotator with CSS and jQuery

Posted · Category: Gallery, License Free

With the release of the iPad and its lack of support for flash, it has stirred up a lot of debates regarding the future of flash. With this in mind, SohTanaka believes it is wise to build simple widgets like the image slider using HTML / CSS / Javascript, and leave more interactive applications for flash if needed.

Therefore, SohTanaka has built an Automatic Image Slider with CSS and jQuery. This html based image slider will have its benefits with SEO and will also degrade gracefully for those without Javascript enabled.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.sohtanaka.com/web-design/examples/image-slider/
License: License Free

  • http://www.gold-price-today.com/ اسعار الذهب اليوم

    beautiful slideshow and nice examples
    thanks alot

  • http://www.studioweber.ro Alex Flueras

    Nice effect. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.sazzy.co.uk/ Sarah Parmenter

    The title is misleading.

  • http://www.adammwood.com Adam Wood

    Thanks for the resource but the title is misleading. I thought it would auto cycle through the images. Thanks though!

  • http://turnkeye.com/ Turnkeye

    This is very popular sliding banner effect.


  • kevin

    Really nice slideshow! One of the best I’ve seen, nice and clean.

    Adam – It does cycle through the images automatically, but if you hover over on of the images there is a delay, when you come off the images they will start to rotate again.

  • http://www.cizgi-filmler.com çizgi filmler

    image slider using HTML / CSS / Javascript, and leave more interactive applications for flash if needed.

  • http://www.MyOnlineTrainingHub.com Philip Treacy

    Excellent. thanks for the link

  • http://www.cizgifilmi.gen.tr cizgifilmi

    I think it was a good article, congratulations.

  • http://www.ricstarwebdesign.com Ric Cuevas

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing this, and making it so easy to use.

  • http://www.drockstar.com ionman

    great! easy to learn. easy to use. thank you

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